Friday, August 29, 2008

29th August 2008

Yes, the much awaited day has arrived! Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08 is on after much deliberation. Thank God. *Phew*

I have around 14 to 15 more hours to go before I set off to Stadium Merdeka.
*Jumps around happily*

But hor, got one problem leh. What the heck is gonna happen if it suddenly rains? OMG. The weather has been crazy over the past few days.

Dad purposely called to remind me to bring a raincoat to avoid ending up like this:

Hmm, smart move. But a raincoat? Maybe a water-resistant jacket will do. Or I'll just pray super duper zuper hard so that the weather would be nice tomorrow. Nice as in no rain. At all.

On other matters, exams are hereeeeeeeeeee! 5th and 9th September. Lucky me that there will no papers on my birthday after two straight years. But after exams there's still one more assignment to do. During semester break leh! Wtf right? Argh!

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