Friday, May 22, 2009

Bouncing Back To KL

I'm leaving back to KL for my final year in approximately, err.. 12 minutes! And I can still find the time to blog here.

I'm hoping to get an internet line in my hostel room. (Yes, I'm still stuck there. I can't believe I actually lived there for three years and am going to live there for another. Damn.)

If I can get the line, I can also blog more! Chat more! Facebook more!

But I also have to study more. Damn you 0.03! I will remember you for the rest of my life. You caused me to lose stuff that is valuable to me. Twice! Grr.. I need to buck up and kick some ass in this one year. So please do not avoid me if you see a nerd because I do not have a choice actually. Sigh.

I don't have the time to write much so come back here to see whether I'm still dead or alive okay? Till then!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of Bestie And Nano

BFF Vivien is back for summer. Woot! Er, I mean it's summer in US so she's back.

I must keep myself healthy for this one week for fear of being quarantined because of H1N1. LOL. But likewise I told many people, the bacterias would probably all die since she's in Las Vegas and it's a hot hot desert. Plus, no cases there.

Oh, well.

It was first time meet up yesterday after the KL trip that she made back in January. We *takes a deep breath* went to her new house in Jelapang, did some chit-chatting, went back to her current house, showered, went to her aunt's house for dinner, went to the night market and later on Kopitiam again. Phew.

When we got back to her current home, she went up to her room and took out this thingy.

"Eh, I got this for you. I dunno you'll like the colour or not. But red okay right? Got a lot of colours but I chose red."

I seriously got stunned for a moment. And then I went, "You serious shit??"

And she was like, "Yeahhh", with the very convincing eyes.

My bestie bought me an Ipod Nano. Feel like crying. T.T

Although I'm such a noob because I dunno how to operate this Apple/Mac/Ipod thingy but very touched lor. So I must learn how to use Itunes already hor! Music is my life and this is like a heaven-sent gift so I won't die in hostel when I return for my final year.

I love you, Vivien! =D I've always loved you.

Please don't get me wrong.

So today we went out again. Together with her sister, Jillian, Maple, June and Mei Yann. Lunch at Black Canyon and later on karaoke in KBox.

My favourite Fusilli Tom Yum!

Screaming-our-lungs-out time!

Maple, please don't say I didn't upload your pictures anymore. LOL.

As you can clearly see from the pictures, something was terribly wrong with her as she couldn't even let me snap a proper picture with her. Sheesh. Must the the effect of jet-lag.

We had so much fun screaming and laughing and singing and making weird sounds. And that is probably why it started to rain when we left. Heh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Four Liners

Had a couple of cups of vodka during karaoke just now.

I'm tomato-tised now. And emo.

I miss my boyfy. Alot.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Cameras

It's been some time since I'd last visited the club/bar. So it was a visit to two last night, after Kopitiam, which was our usual spot.

Houz was superbly packed with human beings and it was so difficult to walk from one side to another. The songs were okay at first but soon it turned to trance and the songs were making me dizzy as it kept replaying the same tune over and over and over again. -_____-

Chun Pui and I were just beginning to drink when Victor said he wanted to go over to Barbeza. So the great Chun Pui downed hers in a matter of minutes and I downed mine as well. Hence, the look of a big round tomato. Grr..

Was supposed to go home as it was nearly 1 am but we made a stop in Barbeza. The stop which was supposed to last for 15 minutes ended up lasting an hour or so.

This was when my camera came in handy again, as always. Heh.

Chun Pui and I

Victor who was trying to be cute all night

Kei Joe, whom I haven't seen in ages

Whee my eyes, look so big heh

Excessive alcohol will lead to..


Double err..

Ended up doing things like posing 1 2 3 4 5.. and 6. Seriously no idea who came up with the idea. Was it you, Victor?

Look at the guys LOL

Definitely had fun with my camera. I love love love my camera. Heh.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Just Love 'Em Fishes

Let me tell you another tale of fishes again.

This time it's not me hunting for fishes. It's the fishes that are hunting for me. *Inserts Jaws theme song*

Since I was bunking over at Maple's home a fortnight ago, I tagged along with her and two of her friends to Penang to find for another friend in Penang. (I just love to make things complicated.)

*Presses fast forward button*

We went to Queensbay Mall and walked until we saw a fish spa shop. We, being kiam sap people, made good use of our student ID because it was only RM19 for half an hour. The place was very cosy and comfortable and of course, relaxing as well.

Fish spa was fun! It was definitely ticklish at the first few minutes because the fishes were nibbling but later on got used to it.

All these while, I had very dry leg skin (this explains why I had the most fishes surrounding my feet). Even applying lotion couldn't help. After that half hour, I swore that my legs were smoother than my face. Then I started to have thoughts on whether they provide any full body fish spa. Heh.

Shwu Lynn and I

Didn't really take a lot of pictures because I was dead tired considering of the late night and productive day that I had the days before (last two posts respectively).

If you know of any affordable fish spa in KL or Ipoh, please let me know because I'm gonna go there like every single month! =D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fishing? Can Eat One Ah?

I never really told you guys about my first hand experience in fishing, huh?

Yes, fishing. Pancing ikan. It was on Labour Day. And I went, "God I can't believe I'm going fishing."

Fishing to me is the uncle-uncle type of hobby. Get the bait ready, throw it into the sea, wait, laze around, read magazines and newspapers, sleep and then it's either "Oh-there's-a-stupid-fish-who-ate-the-bait-Quick-pull-it-up" or "Stupid-fishes-didn't-eat-my-bait-Screw-you-fishes" ending. You get me.

Cut things short, around 5pm we started our journey to Lumut.

We had the driver..

And the front passenger..

And the back passengers..

After much brainstorming to decide where to fish , we came here!


I also dunno where actually.

Got all the baits in here

Pail, for I-dunno-what.

Fishing rods.

And we're ready to get started!

First, you camwhore!

Nah, just kidding.

First you gotta have everything you need for fishing, duh.

Untangle the strings.

Wash the pail.

Get the bait.

Pose with the bait aka as dead fish.

Cut the bait into half.

Pose again with the half fish and laugh real evil.

While they get things ready you can camwhore.

After all those I think you can start fishing already.

And you wait.

Take some nice pictures.

Watch the sun set.

Then you wait some more.

And take some more pictures.

Then you still wait some more.

Act as though you caught a shark.

But with the rod still straight.

Or play police and robber.

And in the end, you'll realize that you are eating ginkgo (sek pak kor) when tons and tons of mosquitoes come after you. That's the time to pack up and leave and catch on some dinner.

But before you catch dinner, hijack a ship and take photos.

Salted egg craps.

I mean salted egg crabs.

After feeding your tummies, say cheese and take a group picture!

Lesson of the day: Don't go fishing on Labour's Day because the fishes are on holiday.

And that brings the end of 'Mabel's Guide to Fishing'.