Monday, April 28, 2008

Got Tagged

Yin Yin tagged me. I supposed I looked bored with nothing to do in the middle of the night, thus this.

1. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
In KL, unfortunately yes. But I love McD and KFC!

2. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?

3. Have you kissed anyone in 2008?
Er.. I think I did.

4. Were you happy when you woke up today?
Not exactly. Just felt sleepy and got a premonition that it was going to be an unproductive day. Indeed it was.

5. Have you ever streaked?
Based on the picture posted by Yin Yin, definitely no.

6. Are you an understanding person?
I am during most of the times.

7. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
I forgot. I think it was Ah Long Pte Ltd. Or was it Spiderwick?

8. Did you pray before you went to bed last night?
I don't say prayers before I sleep.

9. What did you last get upset about?
The freaking mistake I did in Finance paper. And not being able to graduate with a distinction. Garh!

10. Do you eat candy on a daily basis?
Not really. Only when I have them with me.

11. Does it make you happy to get letters in the mail?
Love letters? Prolly.

12. Who was the last person to text you?
Jovial, who kept complaining about her having to renew her driving license.

13. What are you looking forward to this summer?
It's summer throughout the year in Malaysia.

16. What's your screen name?
What's a screen name?

17. Walking into a party, what's the first thing you notice?
People whom I know.

18. Are you currently taking a science class in school?
I did in high school. I miss Physics and Chemistry. =)

19. You've just won a free vacation to either South America or North Korea?
South America.

20. Kiss on the first date?
Depends who is the guy.

21. Would you rather have chicken or steak?
Can I have both? *LOL*

22. Why did your last relationship end?
Why this question so personal wan? Haha.

23. What's one thing you've learned??
Living life to its fullest and knowing more friends! Okay, that's two things.

24. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Me! =D

25. How often do you see your exes?

26. Who was the last baby you held?
Totally forgotten who.

27. Would you ever donate blood?
Maybe, maybe not. Come on, they take like a packetful of it. Scary.

28. How many snack machines are in your school?
Tarc has none of these super high-tech things.

29. Have you ever felt replaced?

31. Do you believe in karma?
Like duh~ What goes around, comes around.

32. Have you ever been asked out?

33. Are you good at telling jokes?
Not really.

34. Have you ever driven without a license?
Learner's license ada lar.

36. Do you wish you had smaller feet?
Happy with mine.

37. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

38. When ordering sushi, what do you get?
Not quite of a sushi lover. Only eats them whenever I feel like a pregnant woman who has the urge to eat something that they really wanna eat at that moment.

39. How many of your friends have seen you naked?
When I was younger, I think like a few.

40. Do you write in cursive or in print?

41. Would you rather have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends with benefits?
Boyfriend, I guess.

44. Are you different now than you were six months ago?
Yeah. I went wider.

45. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
This is like some memory test.

Questions 14, 15, 30, 35, 42 and 43 are missing. Yin Yin, did you eat 'em up?

Anyway, I don't know how many people I'm supposed to tag. But here it goes.

[who said that he'll send his future huskies to bite me if I tagged him]

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Approved and Stamped

Me: Can I go Redang? My classmate needs to do booking already.
Mum: Go lar, go lar.
Me: Yay! *Walks off happily*

After few seconds.

Mum: But I'm not going to pay for you.


Anyway, she still stamped my HomePassport. *EVIL LAUGH* Redang, here I come baby!

Picture courtesy of Louis'

Every Ending Has A New Beginning

I finally had the time to post something in here. Yeah, like after so long since I'd set up this blog. It's been a while since I had last blogged in my previous blog. That was, I think, way back into May last year. It had been a busy journey since entering into Year 2 of Diploma. Assignments, presentations, tests and of course the big finals were a great pile to deal with. The best one is definitely the part where I studied until I had a bald patch. Never could have noticed it if I did not dye my hair.

Anyway, I have been relieved from all these for the time being, since finishing my exams 2 days ago. Still have a long way to go before I really graduate from studying though. But anyway, it's been a long, wonderful path I had before reaching this moment. Had the typical feeling of anyone else of being happy, heartbroken, stressed up and so on. And it was hard having to go through the process of bidding farewell some of my classmates, just like what I'd been through during the end of Form 5. Heck, I nearly cried when I hugged one of my friends goodbye. *Sighs*

Semester 1: This was the most pathetic period ever having to leave home and getting stucked in a 4-walled room of the hostel. Not only that, even encountered difficulties to communicate with my classmates - that was seriously terrible. Recently found out from Woon Chun that I spoke such horrible Mandarin, he could barely understood what I said when I first knew him. *LOL* Thank God there was something called Cantonese.

Semester 2: Had to adapt to living on my own, not being dependent on anyone anymore. It was a hard and slow process to move on but it's history - I can even laugh real loud about it now. The best part of this semester is the rapid drop in my weight - still trying to get back into that shape though it's a little impossible. My first experience with clubbing, and loving it till now. Hee. Slacked a little in studies due to unforeseen circumstances.

Semester 3: Nothing much in particular except remembering I had to study Taxation under the guidance of this really freaky lecturer. Never understood a word that she said.

Semester 4: Took the position of being the one carrying a whole stack of notes for the class. Was introduced with a crazy and I-never-seem-to-understand subject, the one which had caused me to lose a bunch of my hair, nearly made me lose my mind and breaking down while studying it. Friends in college should know what am I talking about. It was a good thing I managed to get an A for it or I'll really go mad. Had closer bonds with friends.

Semester 5: It was hell with Business Law. Seriously hell. I have good reasons for not being a lawyer after studying this subject because if I were to study law, I think I would have ended up in an asylum before graduating.

Semester 6: The last and final semester - had multiple eating sessions together, be it at the hawker stall or fast food restaurants or Shabu Shabu. A trip up to Genting with 13 others and had a blastastic time in the theme park. Well, minus some shitty rides that caused me to nearly throw up in the bushes. Unofficially completed Diploma at as 4pm of 23rd April 2008.

Am now in the midst of planning for a trip to Redang Island with the rest once they are done with their papers. However, I'm stuck in the process of getting my local visa from Mum. Hopefully I'll be able to convince her that nothing's going to happen in the South China Sea while I'm there.

That's all for today.