Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Day My Heart Nearly Stopped

This is one of the best e-mails I've received so far in my life.

Pure satisfaction.

Two more to go.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Popiah Making

Every Chinese New Year, Mother J will prepare popiah for us to eat. Since I was young, I was very excited about this delicacy because I would get a taste of being a popiah seller, wrapping popiahs skillfully.

So, today I'm gonna show you my skills at being a popiah seller.

You will need:
a) Popiah skins
b) Jiu Hu Char (a sample recipe - totally different from Mother J's)
c) Lettuce leaves
d) Sweet sauce & chilli sauce
e) Omelet, sliced
f) Cucumber, shredded
g) Fried garlic

"Apply" the sweet sauce and chilli sauce to your liking.

Place the lettuce leaf on top.

It is important the leaf is big enough to contain the other ingredients so that the popiah will not be soggy.

Put a little sliced omelet on top of the lettuce.

Do the same with the shredded cucumber.

Jiu Hu Char right on top!

Do not be too greedy as too much of it will cause the popiah to "tear". Lol.

Fried garlic for the fragrance.

And the skill to wrap, which cannot be taught.

It took me so many times to wrap this perfectly. When I say perfect, it means not "tearing" or breaking apart until all the things inside drop out.

So how? Can become popiah seller? XD

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameron Highlands: #3

As "weird" as we can be, there are times when he is the only one doing wacky and stupid things.

Eh, watch me.


Just watch la.





*Crow flies past*

You have to understand that I can have no idea at all sometimes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cameron Highlands: #2


So far, only received three red packets. Oh well. Will be heading back to Mother J's hometown back in Taiping tomorrow. I've been stuffing myself with lotsa food and I think by the end of the week I'll be so bloated up just like a balloon :(

Anyways, finally got the pictures taken in Camerons from Vic! Awesome pics I would say. How can you not love a DSLR?

Day 1
Left home around 9 plus in the morning for dried curry noodles in town.

Vic's (not so) brand new hairstyle!

Nom nom nom..

A cute lil boy on the next table nomming on toasts.

First stop was Green View Garden.

God knows what was I doing.


The girls.

Being Superwomen.

Group shot with Vic's wide lens!

Second stop was the Boh Tea Farm.

Lovely place with lotsa greenery.

Bernard and his cousin, Melanie.

Hoi Wee and Xiow Wei.

All four taken at the same place but all different colours :/

Later, Mike and Casey joined us too.

This is what you call ignorant.

Had light lunch at the Boh Tea Cafe.

We were seated at the suspended edge and Bernard freaked out like a mad person.

Ordered scones, pies, cakes.. I dunno what else. And tea of course. Teh Gunung Chantek. Or Chantik. Whatever la.

To refill it with hot water, need to pay money one. RM0.50 per pax, RM1 for two pax and so on. They earn like mad hor! Us being kiamsap people, needless to say did not bother to refill. So the last half pot of tea was super thick! And how it tasted, should be shown beneath in the pics.

The taste was indescribable. Lol.

Feel so Bollywood! HAHA.


Went back to our rented house. It was comfy! Except for my room because the lights weren't working. Took a rest and then, steamboat for dinner. No pics in Vic's camera and yet to get the rest from Hoi Wee.

So that's about it for Day 1. Tiring!

I damn sleepy la. Continue in next post. Hehe.

Monday, February 8, 2010


This time around, I didn't spend as much time as I'd wanted with Thengy.

Firstly, her duration back here was totally short - only a month - because she had to work before she was back and then head back to Perth earlier for some matters.

Secondly, our timing was totally out. The first weekend she was back, I went to Genting. Came back the second weekend to meet her up. Third weekend I had to stay back in KL to study for my midterm tests. Fourth weekend, I came back but she was in KL fol. Finally got to meet her yesterday. Phew. Sometimes timing is really so important it can be so frustrating when it doesn't go the way you want it to go.

Headed to JJ to do some shopping for both her and I yesterday. I love shopping with her; she helps when I pick my stuffs and I help when she picks her stuff. (But I think she helped me more than I helped her yesterday - at least I didn't have to crack my head so hard to think what to get for the bf.)

Outings with Thengy always have to involve food.

Behind the scenes - very very tiring taking one single pic with her cuz she need to pose damn long one. Ish.

This is Chengy!

Fail~ Cannot see my face.

Thengy said fail~ 'Cuz I stand like I wanna shit wtf lol.

Finally pass.

Today was another outing again, this time with MeiYann and Maple.

They watched me eat my fav tom yum in Black Canyon and I watched them eat toasts in Food and Tea. -______-

This is one stupid peanut butter thick toast. Damn jai.

My eyes big mou? Big mou big mou??!! XD

Continued with karaoke. Screamed our lungs out like mad people.

Took my camera out to take a pic. Then the battery was gonna die so I told Thengy we should camwhore kao kao until the battery dies lol! Warn you first that there are some many syok sendiri pics ahead.


Still normal.

Sticking tongues out.

Act sad. Fail~

Extremely happy lol.

Act angry but Thengy smiling wtf. TOTAL FAILURE HAHA!

Act crazy.

Act skinny face hahahahahaha.



Plenty more but I need my life badly so I shall not post them in here.

Seconds just before my camera died.

Thengy will be leaving a day after tomorrow. Won't be able to see her during CNY this year. Sad. No angpao from her mama.

I was kidding. Sheesh. It'll be 10 months later when I see her once more. T.T

I'm gonna miss her.