Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Time

It has finally arrived. They say good times always past fast. So fast until I'd never realised it was coming.

Barely half hour ago, I thought I could put on a straight face for him to see. In the end, I just couldn't.

I think I can't continue writing this.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life's A Brief Candle

Life is short.

In two days, I heard about three deaths.

First, yesterday. An accident near the audit client's factory in Chemor, involving a motorcycle and a.. lorry. Sigh. I didn't witness the whole accident; thank God. When I came out for lunch, there were many onlookers surrounding the area. Through a gap, I saw the motor under the lorry. That's when my heart went shit, this better not be real. It was quite far away so I couldn't really make out what was happening. There were quite a number of policemen as well.

So what happened next was, everyone was talking about the accident. Overheard some people saying: Perempuan cina kena langgar. I got my food and headed to 7-11. Out of curiosity, I asked the cashier.

"Apa pasal sana?"

"Oh, perempuan cina kena langgar lori."

I was stunned for a moment until the cashier continued talking.

"Dah mati." She was trying to look very convincing.

As though the reaction that I gave wasn't enough for the cashier to know that I knew the woman had died. She still need to sink the fact in me. Celaka. Then she continued talking I tell you.

"Digelek lori tu. You tengok kan, badan dia dah lepas tiga tayar depan tu. Sekarang dah kat tayar belakang."

I showed her my disgusted look.

"Ahh, yalar. Ada pak cik cakap dekat I lidah perempuan tu dah putus. Lepas tu hidung dah pecah. Kepala pun dah hancur."

I gave her an even more disgusting look.

"I ingat kan, kalau dah lepas tayar belakang, badannya tentu putus."

What the heck, I tell you. This cashier was saying all these with a smile on her face. Serious shit okay!

"You pergi tengok la."

In my heart I was thinking: Wtf, asking me to go and see such things.

"Buat apa nak tengok. I nak makan nanti you suruh I pergi tengok."

"Takpe punye. Tengok saje."

Really wtf! Got so nice to see meh??? I was feeling so grossed out, yet she can say things like that.

When I went back to the client's office, it took me such a hard time to finish up my food. I kept thinking about the chinese lady having have to go through such a painful death. I kept thinking until my tummy was gonna turn upside down. I kept thinking until it was dinner time. I kept thinking about it until this morning. Until now. I really hope it was a quick one for the lady, and of course for her to rest in peace.

That was story number one.

Here comes story number two.

I got a call from a friend A yesterday night, asking me how to comfort friend B. When asked why, A said B's friend passed away and B was crying. When asked, B didn't want to reveal anything. Sigh. Rest in peace too, B's friend.

Third, and hopefully the last that I hear, today met up with Maple for lunch. Then she said one of her friend's passed away. Also in an accident. I think it was reported in today's newspaper. The car was crashed till it didn't look like a Honda City.

Life is that fragile. When it is time, it's time.

Like what Mum said, to you the person may be nobody, but to others, the person may be a father, mother, brother or sister.

I'm having that 'appreciate-life-you-don't-know-when-it-will-end' feelings right now.

P/S: It just struck me, could there be any possibilities that the second and third involved the same accident? Hmm. Even if it is, I guess I wouldn't know any time soon.


Update: It was the same accident. Omg. Is this what we call a small world?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad

I swore I nearly had an heart attack yesterday. It's as though my heart wanted to jump out of the ribcage to beat slowly and later on stop beating on the office table.

The agony of checking my results online. It sucks I tell you. Even after doing it for over two years - seven times! - it still send shivers down my spine.

The good thing was, I got through everything. Phew. The bad is, argh, I don't even wanna talk about it.

But I'm thankful to God. I am.

Nevertheless, I can't bear the hassle of going through the calculation of my GPA. Sigh.

Now what's left are the last five ACCA's deadliest papers.

Oh God, help me.


I realised that pictures appearing on my posts are getting lesser and lesser. Thanks to.. work!

But some pictures for you guys to feast ur eyes upon. Heh.

Melvin's 21st Birthday @ Bar Celona

Oh, I miss clubbing.

I shall go and listen to Right Round right now. Reminds me of bi singing you turn my head five rounds, five rounds.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Short one.

Just a little past two hours.

But a month filled with laughter. And more to come.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money Come, Money Go

Imma proud woman!

Okay lar. Maybe not so proud. I ought to get the money. Hahahahaha. Plus, it's only RM450. Though can buy a lot of stuffs but the last time I'd worked for 10 days and I managed to get more than that. Oh well, I guess that's the life of a trainee.

The money will probably get me a phone since my W850i died on me. Twice. And RM150 + RM80 to fix it. Damn the first guy because I think he conned me, that idiot. Hope his business fail so badly that.. he wouldn't operate any phone shits anymore. The consequences of causing my anger to burst. At least I didn't cursed him to death (like what I did to the Shenzhen guy who stole my W800i - I MISS YOU [the phone of course, not the bast*rd] - I wonder if he's dead already). Heh.

This post is getting out of hand. It was only supposed to feature my pay cheque and now I've gone all the way to China.

Let's see if I can get the phone I want. =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work, Work And More Work

Back from my busy work schedule since Monday. Was supposed to come back Ipoh yesterday but due to the pile of work that I had, the stay was extended till yesterday afternoon. Lucky thing I was able to finish everything, else I dunno what will happen to me.

Work was.. too much. While in the office I would always say that I had nothing to do, but in Taiping I had too many things to do. Had to segregarate stuffs properly as I was handling jobs from two seniors. It's really really tiring and of course stressful because once I'm done with what I'm supposed to do, there are requirements from them both to check for another document again. In short words, I sometimes have to do double or maybe even triple work.


Too much to say it all in here.

Since I was auditing for a company producing matches, I now have 40 boxes of matches with me. What on earth do I do with 40 boxes of matches? Boxes, mind you. Not sticks.

All in all, I dread going back to work tomorrow.

God help.