Friday, May 30, 2008

Initial M

I can't stop laughing at my post's title.

Today, for the first time of the semester, I skipped lecture. Particularly there was nothing much because the lecture hall was overcrowded with students until some of them have to sit on the floor. Hopefully when the class lists are out today, it wouldn't be so packed next week onwards.

I attended the Honda Safety Driving Course with my brother in Asia Pacific Auction Centre, Subang today. The day started at 7.30am until 5.30pm; it was tiring but a fun-filled day. The location was filled with all types of Honda cars like some cockcroach fest feeding on dead stuffs. I cannot possibly take a shot of all cars because there were 16 cars altogether comprising of Jazz, City, Civic and Accord.

Tengok buntut kereta pun sudah syok.

I finally got to drive my favourite car, Honda Jazz. And also Honda Civic 2.0. I felt so yeng driving those cars as though I'm some rich ass who thinks that money grow on trees. Muahaha.

Being someone who is not familiar behind the steering wheel, even after two years getting my license, I was horrified when I saw the first exercise - manouvering the car in a zig-zag motion. Lucky thing didn't memalukan myself by knocking the cones.

Next one nearly got me fainted. Speeding up till 50kmph and then slamming on the emergency brakes on both wet and dry surface. After that was worse! Driving the same mileage and still slamming on the brakes but this time on a piece of plastic sheet with plenty of soap water on top of the sheet. I seriously thought I was going to die. Honda cars are all equipped with ABS so lucky thing the car would just produce some super scary sound and then just stop.

Without the ABS, watch this.

Scary you know!!!! And all the participants were required to do it! I totally went omgwtf. Asking me to drift? Although it's not the usual lai yat lai sau jai, piau yat piau but still!

However, after attempting twice, it was really syokalism! Turning 180 degrees! You really wanna try it over and over again. At least I get to speed and "drift", abuse a car which is super cool and is not mine, and still stay alive after that!

This guy is the head driving instructor. He was asking me theorical questions from the start of the day and teasing me about how my facial expression changes whenever I hit the brakes. He also gave me a final advice which is not to close my eyes when I slam on the brakes. I really couldn't help it but I thought I was going to die so I just close my eyes lar!

After more exercises of skidding, the day ended. We were allowed to test drive certain new models of Honda cars and I find this quite attractive - don't know what model but it certainly looks like it can go vroom vroommmmm.

Received a goodie bag with quite lots of stuffs in it and the Honda Management said that pictures will be sent in a few weeks time. Yeah, they had professional photographers snapping cool photographs of us while performing those "stunts". I can't wait to see how cool was I. Nyahahaha.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rewind Please

Will return my arse back to KL tomorrow at noon. *Sighs* Back to a oh-so-super-hectic life and days of studies. *Double sigh* Which also means no internet connection and no blogging.

I'm sad.

Now that it's no more Diploma, but Advanced Diploma, I'm afraid that I won't do as well. Stress stress stress. The thought of not all seniors had successfully make it through shudders me as well. Checked my timetable for the new semester; will be having class everyday. That's bad. Especially having to go through Tax again. (-_-) Mati lar kali ini. No more playing too much, no more watching too much of TVB series, no more daydreaming in hostel. I guess it's time to be a nerd. Boring giler!

I'm going to miss being at home, watching television, onlining and sleeping. This semester holidays, I broke my record by only going out with my friends six times. Yes, can count! Six times in a period of more than a month. Went for my second maiden trip out of the state without parents. (KL not included. Haha.) Had my first ever facial done by beauticians (it sucks being my skin - terdedah kepada sinaran matahari yang melampau, plenty of freckles and not moisturized - BAD) and also a makeover. What a random break.

On Monday, it will be back to square one.


Back to daily stuffs, attended SMI gathering today after a lapse of more than a year since their campfire held last year. Spent the whole day there and chatting with Evon. Ended up with us, SM Convent Ipoh - 7th and 8th Coy & 4th Unit, grabbing the awards of Best Banner, Best Attendance, Most Supportive School, Best Dance (sad to say but there was no competitor), Signature Hunt, and ta-da!, the Overall Champion! Oh, I said us because I'm still a Convent girl at heart. *Giggles* Though it wasn't my batch who won but still win what.

The winning piece - a double layer cloth and plastic banner.
"Wrath of the Wind"
I know I look so syok sendiri in there but just let me be okay. LOL.

Us, after such a long day.

It's been such a tired day. Yesterday, I slept at 3.30am and woke up at 9am. My sleeping time has been turned upside down and I'm a self-proclaimed zombie. Hutang tidur banyak nih. I'd better make up the remaining time I have now before bouncing back to notes and lecturers. Oh, and tutors.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

No More?

Came across a notice in Friendster about something regarding TARC students. So, I opened it and it said that majority of the Chinese hawker stalls nearby my college have been demolished.

First thing that came into my mind: Where the hell I'm supposed to find food now? More hostel and college canteen food? My God.

I'm not going to say more on this, just in case I might say something seditious in here.

For friends who want to know more, click here.


Yesterday, followed Mum to Parade to try to get a book. She couldn't find it and since sales have not started we went to Jusco. Anyhow, the moment we stepped into the mall I was being caught by a girl promoting the Estee Lauder Model Search. She bla bla bla and in conclusion asked me to take the studio photographs. Mum would get to redeem certain amount of the cosmetic products so she asked me to go ahead with it. Although it states "Model Search", aiya who cares. Not like I'm aiming for the prize or whatsoever.

It was damn paiseh because it was located at such a place that everyone would get to see what was happening. Roar. Lucky it was at night and there were not many people around.

Thanks to my small eyes, even the make-up specialist said she'd used black eye shadows to make my eyes look bigger. But Daphy did a very good job. I was satisfied. =D I have only a piece of the studio snapshot at the moment but embarrassed to say this, I don't know how to scan it into my laptop.

'Compliments' to my short hair. Double roar! Maybe the photos would turn out better with my long hair.

Freaking crappy hairstyle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lo And Behold [ Part II ]

More updates on my trip last week.
I shall start from where I'd last stop in the last entry.

All of us where supposed to have an early day on Day 2, which means we were supposed to wake at 6am. Yes, 6am - to see sunrise. So my dear assistant set the alarm clock the night before and we woke up at 8am instead. I think if it wasn't because of the phone call from our other friends from another room, we would have missed breakfast as well.


So after breakfast we went for another snorkelling session. This time I think it was in Pulau Lima. There was nothing much there though, the fishes are all small and common like the ones we saw at the seaside. The photographer did asked me to pose with a red sea cucumber he found, but the sea cucumber was really soft and gooey, I didn't wanna hold it in my hands. So in the end, he just took a picture of me and another friend. I'm not gonna post it in here because I look really really horrible like some monster with the snorkelling mask on.

Back at the seaside, we always did the same thing - playing, pushing and throwing each other into the sea. After lunch, we went for another snorkelling session. My classmates are really crazy lor. They said we'd paid for the sessions already when we paid for the resort's package so it's best if we made good use of it and just go for all sessions. Omg. One session is really damn tiring because you have to keep swimming in order to stay put in one place. And I myself was pushed into the water by some friends because they started becoming panicky when water entered into their masks.

The third location we went for snorkelling is Pulau Paku Besar. We were driven there in a speedboat by the cute handsome beach boy hunk which I'd mentioned earlier in my previous entry. =DDD While we brought bread to feed the fishes, he brought Twisties. Damn, he's cute. This place was definitely better than the one in the morning. At least with more fishes and corals. There was Nemo the clownfish too! I saw three Nemo's altogether, hiding in their home sweet home - anemone. I even saw a baby shark swimming nearby. I was quite shocked so I quickly told my friends that there was one swimming there.

Me: (In Cantonese) Wei, there's a shark there!
Someone: Where, where? Big or small??
Me: Sure small la! You want us all dead, izit?

Until now, I still don't know who's that someone who asked me that question. Each time I think about it, it makes me wanna laugh till I cry. If it was a big shark, I wouldn't be in the sea already la. I'd just climb up into the speedboat and let everyone die. *Evil laugh*

It's not me actually. I don't know whether it's Albee or Angeline.

A groupie of us on the way back. Note the guy behind in the orange shirt.

Nyah! Muahaha. He actually looks damn yeng in his sunnies but I don't know why he's acting cute.

Another picture of us. Acting cute again.
L-R: Chloe, Albee, Dude, Me, Angeline.

SEE! He's so cute! Shit, I'm actually posting something about him in here when I don't even know his name. I forgot to ask! But he's a Sabahan and that explains of his slang when he talks. He actually thinks Albee and I are sisters just because we're wearing the same top. Oh boy. At first when he thought that I'm the older sister, he said that I'm comel and Albee's cute. When I later turned the story around and said I'm the younger sister, he said that I'm cute and Albee's comel.

Don't those two words actually mean the same? Hahahaha.

After our last and final session of coral seeing and fish hunting, we came back and played beach volleyball. It didn't last long before we ended the game because we were picking up the ball more than hitting it. Then we went to the other side of the island to search for sharks. Baby sharks okay. After much perseverance (it was really hard to walk on dead corals and rocks, and the waves were quite big and strong) I managed to see one swim by.

After a little more of time in the water, we said bye-bye to the beach and had our baths. It was our last time having contact with the South China Sea water. And then, pictures time!

He said it would be cool to have two chicks beside him.

Some random shot.

We found this cute little turtle made out of sand.

Sisterly love. At least we have something in common. =)

I seriously don't know what the heck they were trying to do. Hahaha.

I superly-duperly love this picture so much!

Blur - the camera was running out of battery.

End of Day 2. Hope to receive remaining pictures before I update on Day 3.


Few months back, after I posted this controversial picture, gazillions of my friends bombarded me with questions on whether I'd cut my hair or not.

The fact was, I didn't. My hair was tied up.

Today, my visit to the saloon took a twist of turn. I myself was not expecting this. It all started when Mum asked me whether I wanted to follow her to the saloon. So I was thinking maybe I should get a trim because a new semester is going to start soon. Anyway, when I was there I thought for a very long time on maybe I should cut my hair. So I described to the lady on what hairstyle that I wanted and she cut, cut, cut lor. Then Mum came in and the moment she said, "Why behind so weird wan?", I went "Shit". Turned out the lady didn't really got what I wanted, so the outcome was really a screw up.

In the end, I had to cut my locks off. YES I CUT MY HAIR REALLY SHORT!

I didn't have a choice. It was what I'd vowed I would never ever have my hair in that shape. Bob-shit-style.

Please do not follow me screaming as well.

When Aunty Lai first cut it off, I really did not have the guts to look. My hopes of keeping my hair long and have it permed is now gone. Dashed. Crumbled. Shattered.


It did look oh-so-pretty when it was newly cut. Then when I came back, I wanted my long wavy hair back.

It's gonna take me at least 8 months to a year to have it to the length that I wanted. Without my long hair, I feel that the feminine side of me is missing (please get what I mean). I'd always loved long hair and now, look at me.


My poor long hair. My poor signature layered hair. Although it's been only a few hours since I'd lost you but I miss you terribly horribly much!

I'm going to have a moment of silence and mourn the loss of my long hair. *Wails*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Island Of Sin [ Part I ]

Finally received most of the pictures taken in Redang. Thanks Boon Hoong! =) Still more pictures with Woon Chun - somewhere missing in Seremban. So no pictures of underwater scenery yet. (Underwater scenery? Is that right?)
I don't know where to start from. It was such a great trip we had and my memories of it are all jumbled up. So let me have a moment to rewind my brain memory.


We left for Kuala Terengganu on Monday night, 12th May at 11pm by bus. Konsortium bus, mind you. It sped on the highway like nobody's business so we reached at like 5.30am the next morning. And since it sped, we, the victims sitting at the back seats of the bus, couldn't get a good night's sleep. Felt so tired even before the fun's begun.

The conflict begun when the organizer and some of her friends missed the bus at PWTC. And don't know which person on earth came up with the statement that we couldn't board the resort's bus to Merang Jetty without some stupid shit card and also we can't check-in without the organizer. Okay, so just imagine. Everyone was so tensed - the excitedness became stress, thinking of how are we going to get into the resort. Anyhow, we waited like stupid fools at the Kuala Terengganu Bus Station tanpa arah. You know, like browsing at the shops there, looking at people, asking each other what's next and what we're supposed to do. Till this guy came and asked us to check with the Redang Bay bus conductor whether we're supposed to board the bus to the jetty.


We stopped for breakfast somewhere and later on headed to the jetty. I nearly had a heart attack because the boat seemed like it was overloaded and it was literally crashing against the surface of the sea.

Finally stepped our foots on the island. I look so horrible in here.

The moment we came down from the boat, this guy came up to us to welcome us.

Him: Hello. Welcome to Singapore!
Me: (With the funny look towards him) Singapore?? Bukan Redang ker?
Him: (Laughs) Oh yeah, Redang. Cincai saje lar, ape-ape saje. Enjoy your stay here!
Me: (Laughing as well) Okay. (Walks away)
Angel: For a moment I thought I came to Singapore without my passport. (Laughs)

Damn jadou. He turns out to be the best looking beach boy there. Damn, I can't take my eyes of him.

Without wasting no time, we had a small briefing, checked into our rooms, changed our clothes and jumped into the water! *Wheeee* After lunch, we joined a big group of people and headed to Marine Park for snorkelling. The fishes there are really hungry, I tell you. Throw bits and pieces of bread and they will all surround you for more. I don't know where the photographer was missing - the underwater photographer I meant - so there are no pictures of us being there that day.

Had fun on the beach, went to see fishes in the surrounding area. Got so many bawal putih's - if I could I would have caught some back and save them for dinner. Anyway, let's fast forward the time. Went back to the room to take our bath and get ready for dinner. And wa-la! NO WATER! (wtfcelakababibbqstupidlousy!) Administration said that the water pressure was low so had to wait for a while. Lucky us girls, we took our bath earlier on. Poor guys - with water dripping worse than someone peeing, how to mandi la? And worst of all, please have a look at the picture below:

They provide us with teh tarik water to bathe! How nice.

After dinner, all the craziness started.

Note: I'm not the only poser on earth.

Redang's Angels. My watch so berkilat-kilat.

This picture damn nice. I like it so much.

Mine turned out horrible. Garh!

We walked to the other end of Pasir Panjang Beach where the More More Tea Inn is located.

Am I Ah Niu? Aroro.

Didn't take lots of photos on the first night. We were all tired and worn out. Moreover, it was so hot because there wasn't any wind blowing. We ended up all sweating with tissues stucked to our faces. The day ended early as we returned to our rooms and got ready for bed. Thanks to Ling Kian for disturbing me, I had to chase him around the room with the double-decker bed ladder - ended up sleeping around 1am, or was it 2am?

That's for Day 1. What a long post.

More pictures up next!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm blogging about China for the second time now. This time it's because they won the Thomas Cup! *Yay!* They sapu-ed both Thomas and Uber.

Well, I admit I'm not a great fan of badminton. In the first place, I watched because I wanted to see Koo Kien Keat in action, but I missed his game. But anyhow I stayed on to watch because I wanted to see who will win between China and Korea. I'm Chinese, so of course my vote goes to China.

Okay lar. That's actually not the main reason.

Part of it was because he was playing:

He looks so cute when he's playing. *FAINTS*

That's Bao Chunlai from China, for those who doesn't know who he is. Ranked number 3 in the world. A very good player with great enthusiasm. In fact, I think he did a better job than Lin Dan when playing in the finals. (Except the part when Lin Dan shook his butt when he claimed victory for the first match.)

While watching, I also came across another cute fellow.

Lee Yong-dae, from Korea. He's only 20 years old, but he is 180 cm in height! He's so cute, I feel like pinching his cheeks. Definitely will be a great badminton player in the future.

I can go on forever posting pictures of [whom I think they are] cute guys here, but I'll call it a day since sudah ada dua kat sini. Paiseh lar kap so many hunks. *Giggles*

Still, nobody beats my darling. =D


My body is starting to take its toll on me. Whole body is aching, my skin is peeling and that two red patches on my shoulders still not gone yet. My thighs are still bruised. The price you gotta pay after having too much fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's China

If you hadn't read my past post, I'd wrote about the cyclone that hit Myanmar which caused so many deaths after the Tsunami in 2004.

And I said "What's next?"

To my horror, while I was having fun in Redang, earthquake strucked China.

Wth. This is shitty I tell you. I felt so guilty. Like mulut aku busuk betul.

Now there are like another tens of thousands people missing and dead. *Sighs* Doctors have to amputate limbs of kids in order to save them from the rubbles, but in the end see them dying as well. DAMN CHAM! Just today I went for facial to pamper my face after the bakar sessions I had. The agony I had to go through while they were pressing my pimples and blackheads was enough to make me tear. I can't imagine the young kids going through the pain of their arms or legs being cut off without any anesthetic.

Bloggers in China speculate that these natural disasters are happening because of the mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008 (or something like that, I can't remember). And they said that something's gonna happen to places surrounding Yangtze River next. -______-

An abrupt end, but I can't think of anything else to say more.

Redang, My Love

I'm back from Redang. Finally.

But I'm sad that I'm back. Cause I love that place so much that I wished I could stay on there for like another few more days. =(

I miss that handsome hunk too. =((((((

Currently feeling so tired because I'm drained of all my energy as a result of lack of sleep, excessive swimming and snorkelling, beach volleyball and bla, I forgot what else. Have yet to receive all the photos taken.


Will update very soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Off I go!

Will be away for the next few days. Because I'll be stucked in an island in the East Coast. Muahaha!

I'm gonna take loads of pictures and post it right here when I'm back. And I'm gonna play and play till like there's no tomorrow. And, and I'm gonna tan myself! =DDDD

I can't wait!


Yet, another natural disaster has occurred after the tragedy of the Tsunami in 2004. My heart goes out to all the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. It is quite a gruesome thought when I think of corpses piling on top of each other, and it's getting higher and higher each day. It's gonna even cause more sickness towards the surviving victims as they have no daily supplies of food and water. Plus, bearing with the stench.

Oh God.

Mother Nature has got Her own ways of showing how powerful She is when man goes against Her. I wonder what is next. Sigh. Hopefully nothing. Please.

Period pain sucks. Bad day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not So Smart Afterall

I have been on the same routine each day since I was back home two weeks back. Which means, sleeping, eating, watching television, online and er, that's about it I guess. If you think that's boring, I'll probably agree a little with you. Just a little.

Because every friend of mine knows that the idiot box is my best friend. I can lie down on the couch for 10 hours, holding the remote control and browsing the channels without doing anything else. Oh yes, I'm a couch potato.

So nothing could probably go wrong when the idiot box is around.

Not really.

Imagine watching a show or maybe the climax of the show, and then it starts to rain, the thunder begins to sound and lightnings begin to strike. Astro subscribers out there will mostly see this: "Services currently not available." Damn pissed lor. Feel like climbing up to the highest peak of the mountain, whacking my chest and pulling my hair while screaming, "WTF???!!!!"

Kononnya upgrading the system to a better one with the new Gold Smart Card. No difference at all! Makes me wanna sweep everything off the table and throw rotten tomatoes and eggs towards the tv. Celaka I tell u!

*Calms self down*
*Chants* The idiot box is my best friend, the idiot box is my best friend x 942635946235194738 times.

Maybe next time when it rains, it would be better for me to go and sleep and dream about my boyfriend. Dream about how much he loves me and how much I love him.

Right, darling?


Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay, I wasted my whole night (or morning) sitting in front of my laptop, practically doing nothing. Except for playing Who's Got The Biggest Brain on Facebook. I tried posting this thing up earlier on but was unsuccessful because, instead of me writing in the 'Compose' section, I wrote my post's contents in the 'Edit Html' section. And I was cursing on how blogspot died on me. Oh, how dumb. *Smacks head real hard*

Anyway, back to the main point.

Today (or maybe yesterday) had been an interesting day. (Well at least not staying home and watching tv or facing my computer without anyone to chat with.) Went out late in the afternoon to watch a movie since What Happens In Vegas was out today. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, I was sure that it would keep me laughing. Although not much as I'd expected, but at least something is better than nothing. Dennis and Timmy was late *coughs*, so we missed the first few minutes of the show. In which it kept me blur for a moment as I didn't know what was happening. But anyway, I think the movie was okay. At least worth my RM6. Made good use of my student card before it expires.

Came home, watched tv and munched on mangoes and mangosteens while waiting for Maple to fetch me to Precious Time to have a drink. Pei Pei was with her and later, Jessie, June and Jasmine came. It has been a while since I met up with ex-classmates from 5 Daisy, though not all, and had a chat. We had some good talk especially with Pei Pei whom I had not seen for centuries. That girl, after so long, is still so sam pat. Did not see Maple for quite some time as well, considering I was not back as often as I was during the semester. Anyway, we'll probably get to meet each other like a thousand times in college starting next month.

We celebrated Jessie's birthday in advanced, which will fall on the 12th. Since it was a surprise, she was actually very blur when the waiter placed the cake on our table. Only after she saw her name on the cake it struck her mine that the cake was actually for her.

"I thought the cake was just passing our table."

Oh well, that's Jessie. *LOL*

Check out the smile on her face.

So we talked and talked like nobody's business. And laughed so loudly as though we own the shop. And of course, who will ever forget of the picture taking session?

June and I


Maple Dearie

Pei Pei Dear

Pei, Jessie and I

Me, June and Pei again.

Someone was also busy checking out some guy and I think she had a great time doing so. Sendiri tau lar. =p

Our meeting adjourned around 11.30pm, after some dilly-dallying of us taking more pictures. Hopefully there's another session like this again. I'd say that hanging out with old friends are fun! I miss Thengy and Vienz out of a sudden. They'll only be back at the end of the year. Not forgetting Siah too.

Which means, 6 more months.
SIX more months.
Oh my god.

I shall just cross my fingers and hope that there will be time off for me to hang out during the year end.

GodMum has yet to call me to go over to her house to learn how to make Tiramisu. I guessed she'd forgotten. I'm craving for Tiramisu! PMS sucks. And Redang on Tuesday.

I'm gonna kill myself if it comes while I'm swimming in the sea.