Sunday, August 31, 2008

So In Love

I'm so in love with this song right now.

I'm so in love with the guy who sang this song as well.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08

I'm still in "the concert" mode.

The concert was totally a blast even though I had problems having a clear view since the girl in front of me was so hyped up she was jumping up and down and waving her hands. And that foreign guy behind me *disgusted look* kept pushing me to the front and I was so pissed I stared at him and pushed him behind. The RM338 ticket zone wasn't that close to the stage because there were at least 200 VIP seats in front.

Anyway, back to the start. I left Brother's condominium in KJ at around 4.45pm for the LRT and got to Pasar Seni. Waited for Bro to get me and went for makan makan in Petaling Street. I couldn't eat in ease because it was nearly 6 and Bro said there were around 50 over people queuing up at 5pm! Got to the stadium around 6.30pm and the queue.. *shakes head* damn long lor!

This was the start of the queue. I think it was at least 1 km long. Not exaggerating! While queuing up, saw Pei Pei from college working there. Thanks to her, I got 4 free posters. I will talk about the freebies later on. After being in the line for God-knows-how-long, I finally got in. Security was tight, they checked my bag but didn't manage to spot the camera because I used a pad in my bag to cover it. HAHAHA. It's just such a taboo for guys, huh? At each level at some point, people had to check my ticket again; so in conclusion I had to take my ticket out 3 times for checking. -_-

Tick tock tick tock.
I looked at my watch, only 7.20pm. And concert was to start at 8.45pm! What to do now? Look around and take pictures lor. But I deleted most of them 'cuz my camera was out of memory for recording. I think I even accidentally deleted one video in which Avril was so cute. Sigh.

The sky was clear. Nice weather, I thought.

Just look at the amount of people! Hundred pair of hands also haven't finish counting. I wonder what would happen if the concert was really banned.

At around 7.45pm, the most feared happened. It started to drizzle. Then, thunder. Then..

Everyone was cursing, shitting here and there (I didn't mean literally). The volunteers/RELA handed out raincoats to the VIP seats guests.

People started to curse again, saying how come only the VIP people gets the raincoat. Actually no, everyone got their share of raincoats. Soon, everyone was looking stupid in the raincoat (included me ok).

Tick tock tick tock. Still raining. Still haven't start.

When the band members came out to prepare their instruments, everyone went crazy and started to chant Avril's name. Like expected, she didn't come out la.

Cut things short, 8.45pm; it was time for One Buck Shot to do the opening but since when Malaysians were punctual? Come 9pm, this short lil' guy finally came out with the spotlights on him. He wore Michael-Jackson-like and sang Maroon Five's This Love. It sounded weird because the pronunciation sucks and he even did the moonwalk. I overheard a guy saying, "Now this guy makes Michael Jackson looks even more gay." I agree.

Everything went pitch black and screams of AHH, AVRIL, WOO; you name it they have it; started. The black cloth dropped and emerged the popular pink skull head. Avril's band member started slamming on the guitars and drums and the dancers came out with flags. Avril was so small that when she came out, I didn't even realize. When I heard "Hey hey you you, I don't like your girlfriend", then I started to search for her.

I told you it was quite far from the stage. So.. small.

Avril sang quite a number of songs ranging from her The Best Damn Thing, Let Go and Under My Skin albums. They include Complicated, Nobody's Home, My Happy Ending, I'm With You, Don't Tell Me, Losing Grip, I Don't Have To Try and the ever popular The Best Damn Thing and Girlfriend.

I think she was aware of the matter that the Government wanted to ban her concert as she kept on saying she was 'so happy to be here and thank you guys for having me here'.

Avril played the guitar, the Grand Piano, and also showed her skills on the drums. She is so obsessed with the color pink that everything is pink! Her guitar is pink, the Grand Piano is pink, the drums are also pink and she even 'zhng' her microphone and microphone stand with pink bling blings!

Avril went backstage twice to get changed and the second time she came out the pink head skull backdrop was dropped to change into the 5-pointed-star (yes, I know stars are 5-pointed, I wanted the term to sound cooler) that she was once associated with. She came out with a hoodie with two horns or ears, whatever you wanna call it. Sang Girlfriend (Lil' Mama Remix) followed by the last number, Sk8er Boi. After all the thank you's she went backstage.. and never came out again. Chants of encore started but nope, she didn't layan. Guessed she was so tired after the singing and jumping. People started to leave when the stadium lights were turned on and band members packed their instruments.

The concert was very short, lasting only 1 hour and 15 minutes but it was damn good can! At the end, I was soaked with sweat and this explains why I didn't post a picture of myself in here.

Avril's fan club members. The shirt they wore damn chun.

Got out of the stadium and waited at the Hotlink booth for Bro. It was total chaos there because people were trying to get free posters. Buying RM30 top-up entitles a person to a bag of Avril Lavigne freebies containing a button badge, a notepad, a mousepad and also a lyric book. People rushed to get their top-ups till it seemed even the top-ups were sold out. Anyway, I got three of those freebies bag. Ngek ngek. After getting four free posters, I got another five because those people wanted to pack up and leave. I even got a notepad, pendrive and a bag from Hotlink through a lucky draw. Went there with a bag, came back with another four. Met Sheng Yuen there as well.

Lesson learnt: Wait till the very end of the concert to get more freebies.

At the end of the day, I saw Avril Lavigne in front of me, I enjoyed the concert, I enjoyed the freebies and I spent RM300 well.

I was in Stadium Merdeka on 29th August 2008 for Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08.

Videos on the concert coming up!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Father's Love

This is a true story.

The son asked his father, "Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?"

Despite having a heart condition, the father says, "Yes". They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went to join other marathons, the father always saying "Yes" to his son's request of going through the race together.

One day, the son asked his father, "Dad, let's join the Ironman together." To which, his father said, "Yes" too. Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometers) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometers) bike ride and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometers) marathon along the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Father and son went on to complete the race together.

Let me share with you a very touching and wonderful clip about a father and son relationship, with God's love.

Time to get some tissue papers ready.

Just look at how happy the son was when it was coming to the end of the race. And the father should get more than a round of applause for what he has done.

29th August 2008

Yes, the much awaited day has arrived! Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08 is on after much deliberation. Thank God. *Phew*

I have around 14 to 15 more hours to go before I set off to Stadium Merdeka.
*Jumps around happily*

But hor, got one problem leh. What the heck is gonna happen if it suddenly rains? OMG. The weather has been crazy over the past few days.

Dad purposely called to remind me to bring a raincoat to avoid ending up like this:

Hmm, smart move. But a raincoat? Maybe a water-resistant jacket will do. Or I'll just pray super duper zuper hard so that the weather would be nice tomorrow. Nice as in no rain. At all.

On other matters, exams are hereeeeeeeeeee! 5th and 9th September. Lucky me that there will no papers on my birthday after two straight years. But after exams there's still one more assignment to do. During semester break leh! Wtf right? Argh!

Saturday, August 16, 2008




But I can't. Because this stupid subject is assessed 100% based on assignments. I feel like pulling all my hair off.

No, I shouldn't do that. I should pull all of my lecturer's hair since he doesn't bother to comb them.

Screw you, assignments! You take off the time for me to watch my TVB series and sodomized me of my sleeping time! Irritating!

Friday, August 15, 2008


My dreams are getting weirder and weirder.

Just the other day, I dreamt of bumping into Nicholas Teo.

Where? In college.

Yesterday night, I dreamt of Avril Lavigne.

I guessed I'm a little too excited about her concert. The weirdest thing of all was that she was the daughter of my Eurasian neighbour who lives just a few doors away from my home.

I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that her concert will go on as scheduled at 29th August and not being cancelled or delayed 'cuz finals are around that time as well.

Who's next on my dream list?

Tonight, I think I'm gonna work hard to dream that Raymond Lam and I are getting married.

*Wedding bells ringing*


Suicidal Note

The "I wanna die" and "Can you kill me?" thoughts are coming back again. Why is that we work so hard for it, and then it doesn't work out as what we've expected? Life is shitty. Things never go my way. Being in Advanced Diploma is so much super-stressed than Diploma. Lecturers don't spoon-feed us anymore, they expect us to understand what they are talking about every single second and they throw you with super hell-loads of assignments. The first of our assignment's marks are like totally horrible!

Two more to go. One a group-based, the other individual; both due on Monday.

I'm super stressed right now. I have to finish my part for the group assignment, finish my individual assignment AND reconstruct the whole damn thing of the group assignment. All in just four days. So screwed.

Entering week 13, with barely two weeks for THE FINALS, I've yet to touch my books on English and.. Tax. God knows I hate Tax so much. And I have to brush up everything that I'd learn within this 13 weeks in two weeks. 13 weeks don't equal to 2 weeks, as the math theory goes. So screwed again. In my situation, all you can think of doing is to break into the examination room and steal the examination papers. Or better still, just burn the whole stack of question papers.

I feel like climbing up Mount Everest, scream my lungs out and then jump to my death.

The fact that Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong lost their match yesterday makes me even more depress.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nothing But Nuts

I'm so pissed!

*Click to read*

Are they dumb or what?

Mission Accomplished!

I swear this is the most fattening weekend ever at home! I told myself I must eat durians when I'm back.

And I did! So much till I dunno.. ate them for lunch.

Mmmmm.. Can you smell them?

Mum cooked pan mee and tom yum noodles for me too. No pictures 'cause I was too hungry that time.

Next on the list was:

Big Apple Donuts!

You just gotta love 'em! I ate three of them at once. However, I think J.Co Donuts are better. Not too sweet, at least.

Back to assignments!

Friday, August 8, 2008

So You Think You've Got Money

I missed the Grand Finals of So You Think You Can Dance? Season Two last week. But anyhow, I'd already know who the winner is since her photo and interview was plastered over the newspapers today.

And I can't believed she won it.

My God. But, CC? The RM50000 and scholarship from 8tv just bakar-ed like that.

Sim was so much better!

Though she does not have the pretty look or the super duper nice body, she dances hell good! The one and only contestant NOT in the bottom four or bottom six in the whole running of the show. Throw any genre to her and she can do it like a professional.

They have Black and Hong, respectively, as well.

Hong looks weird in this picture, but I think he looks darn cute in real life. ^^

It's just so unfair. I mean the voting system. CC comes from a rich family so they can vote and vote like there's no tomorrow. Using money to bring her fame. Even she herself said that the RM50000 was nothing to her. Can't they just change the voting system to 'one number, one vote'? Or even better, the results will be based solely on the judges?

And I think she's got many fans because she's hot (?) and always want to gain attraction by being a cry baby. I can't stand her each time she does it on tv. Sorry to all CC-lovers out there. All she knows about dancing is just Latin, Latin and.. what else but, Latin. Sien! To top it all, throughout the whole competition, CC gets her so-called makanan dance genre most of the times!

In conclusion, I tak puas with the results. *GRRRRRR!* CC can flaunt her curves all she wants, but she's definitely not my favourite dancer!


Now, enough of fretting already, time to get back to my assignments. Sigh.

More Birthdays

Tomorrow's (Friday) class is cancelled. I'm back to my world of unlimited broadband! Ipoh that is.

Nope, not my birthday. Yet. Tapi berangan nak ambik gambar dengan kek.

First it was the karaoke session birthday. Then it was the cafe session birthday. Celebrate till wallet also empty already.

Boon Hoong the birthday boy

Albee and I

From 10pm on Saturday night in Red Box, Low Yat Plaza, we sang till 4am the next morning. Sing till can't sing no more. Then, went for dim sum at Jalan Ipoh. At 4am! We sat there, drinking chinese tea till 7.30am. So healthy. That's because some of my ex-classmates had to wait till their parents buka pintu rumah. Really tiring. Ended up going to bed at 8am and waking up and 2.30pm that afternoon. Another unproductive Sunday.

Yesterday, was another round. This time was a threesome birthday celebration.

I guessed Yvonne couldn't wait to make her birthday wish any longer

Bee Sim - 5th August

Seo - 6th August

Yvonne - 8th August



And then it started.

Guessed he was too touched about us celebrating for him


I just gotta kill 'em for making me fat

Note: If you'd realised, there's a piece of me in most of the pictures. I never said that I'm not vain. =D