Monday, December 27, 2010

#3: Germany

Journey continued from Holland to Luxembourg first.

Okay I just Google-d and found out that Luxembourg is a country itself, surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium, so it meant that I was in eight countries instead of seven. And I thought it was part of Germany. My bad my bad.

Adolphe Bridge behind us.

Jean and I with an on-duty guard.

Headed to Germany after doing all the sightseeing. First stop and last stop for the night was at Rhine Valley - for dinner.

This soup, I think I also know how to boil.

Carrots, onions, leeks and potatoes and just boil. -_-

German beer for €2.20.

Pork knuckles which was not too bad.

And awesome possum custard pudding. Or something.


It was back to hotel after that, and I became some sort of a legend.

Drinking in my Rangers shirt = my pajamas in a bar. *Thumbs up*

My Wei Zen beer + Coke which was €2 (~ RM8).

And came all the craziness.

The locals treated us to some drinks. To "welcome" us. All of them shots. *Faints*

Baileys + Vodka??


I gave up on the last three because my head was spinning hahaha.

Final shot was some shit that was like traditional Chinese oil or dit ta jau.

Smelled and tasted like urghhhh.

2/5 and I nearly got pawned for the night lol~

Definitely had a good sleep!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#2: Netherlands

And so, the journey on the coach continued to Holland.

Loads and loads of clogs!

Super huge ones too.

Mini windmill.

Plenty of cheese. Yums~


Pretty girls. :p

Continued by visiting a DIAMOND factory. Or outlet. Or something.

Not like we had the money to buy them. -_-

A basic way to know whether a diamond is genuine or not is to draw a line and put the diamond on it. If it is genuine, you will not be able to see the line through the diamond.

So yes, that is a genuine diamond. Forgot how many carats it was but it would surely cost a bomb!

Went on to the Red Light District. Lots of prostitutes, strip clubs and sex shops. The ladies would be in their best lingerie, standing/sitting by the huge pane of window, waiting for customers. It would cost around €50 per hour for a session.

It wasn't ALL a pretty sight, trust me. No pictures allowed in that area because bouncers would come up to you and smash your camera, as you are being disrespectful to these ladies.

For those who do not know, prostitution and drugs are legal in Netherlands.

Introducing our coach driver for the two weeks - Zoltan!

Went for this boat ride tour thing after dinner. Nothing much to see really. -_-

And back to the hotel we went.

And stumbled upon the best toilet bowl in the world!

No more splashes to your butt cheeks when you're doing big businesses!

Jeng jeng jeng~ Space cakes.

Sends you to space after eating it.

Or so it seems because I didn't go to space. Lol.

Tasted like chocolate cake with grass in it.

Day 3.


This explains why I got fatter didn't it?

Next - Germany.

P/S: Merry Christmas everyone! <3

Monday, December 13, 2010

#1: Belgium

Almost three months since I'm back from the UK and here I am, updating about the Europe trip.

I have forgotten most of the details already. T_T

Will try my best to urm, get things right.

After leaving Sheffield at 3am on 17th September, we drove all the way to London and then to the UK/France border, Dover to catch the ferry across the Channel to get to Calais.

P&O Ferries.

We then travelled to Brussels, Belgium.

I didn't know the 'peeing boy' originated from Belgium.

Lots of chocolates!

And waffles! Yum yum.

They each range from €0.50 - €2.50 (if I'm not mistaken), depending on the toppings.

We had the one with Nutella (fourth from right, bottom row) and the one with icing sugar (far right, bottom row).

Finger lickin' good! (Although that line is supposed to go with KFC.)

And this is some building.

Due to the reason that our tour guide was a Chinese who lived in France, he only spoke Mandarin, a little Cantonese (not like I understood) and NO ENGLISH. He changed all the buildings' and places' names into Mandarin. Brussels was like 'BU-LU-SAI' wtfffff. Had to rely on some friends to do the translation.

I don't get it, he's been living in Europe for so many years but he doesn't speak English???? Sigh.

Anyway, day 1 was a short day because everyone was really tired from not sleeping well in the coach. Had dinner and then headed back to the hotel for some good rest!

Day 2.

We look forward for breakfast everyday.

And then we got bored towards the end because it was the same thing most of the time. :/

Stopped at the Atomium for a little to get some photo shots.

This thing, forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 BILLION times.

L-R: Jeswyn, Carrine, Me and Jean.

That's it for Belgium. Short time we had there I know, but Netherlands was up next!

Stopped somewhere in between our journey to have lunch.

Forgot what burger this was, but I know I can't find it in Malaysia.

To be continued..

Friday, November 26, 2010


I still haven't found the inspiration to blog about Europe. Not like I'd found any to start on my books yet. Tell me about it.

So this is another short post on my backpacking whereabouts after the Europe trip.

i) Manchester

The one and only regret I had in Manchester was not being able to visit Old Trafford. Thanks to the English Premier League that was going on. Sigh.

ii) Ireland

My very own perfect pint of Guinness!

Never liked it but it didn't taste too bad, contrary to the Malaysian one.

iii) Scotland

Highlands of Scotland.

It was autumn and our guide said that we were very lucky to have the sun.

Love this picture because it's exactly like a postcard (with me in it).

iv) Newcastle upon Tyne

v) London!

On the London Eye, with Big Ben in the background!

In Madame Tussauds, with Shrek :)

I've heard so much about London and was looking much forward to this place. BUT (there's always a 'but'), I.. don't.. really like this place. Everything was moving so quickly. The cars, the vans, the buses, the PEOPLE. Makes me wonder if these people ever slow down a pace in their lives.

But I never said I didn't like the shopping there, did I? :p

Told ya there's always a 'but'! ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Deepavali 2010

I know I should be updating about Europe but couldn't find the "mood" to do so. Blame it on laziness. :p

This is a short filler post on my Deepavali weekend. :)

I was a cowgirl in North America.


I was in Cameron Highlands!

With a big face super big flower.

If you guys remember, I once said that I was brought up by an Indian lady, whom I share the same birth date with. She is my second mummy and her family is like my family as well.

Anyways, after so many years of not spending Deepavali together, I followed them to Cameron Highlands for a few days.

Having a leeeeetle trouble going up the Boh Tea Farm.

We had a great time relaxing and walking around in the cool weather. :)