Saturday, December 26, 2009

On The First Day Of X'mas..

I spent Christmas singing. Not singing Christmas Carols, if you wonder.

We had orders from the tour guide aka Rok Chin to appear for lunch at 12 at Dai Shu Kiok (literally translated at "Big Tree Leg") the night before, else he would chop our heads off! After filling our tummies, we headed to JJ for karaoke.

The boyfy too busy singing so he took no notice of the camera.

Everyone was busy singing their lungs out so not much pictures.

Will update more on X'mas outings soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pre-Yuletide Mam Mam

Warning: Lots of nonsense ahead.

The hostel mates plus a few other friends decided to have our own way of celebrating Yuletide this year. The initial plan was to go clubbing on the Eve, but since majority were returning back to their homes, we ended up going for dinner on the eve of the Eve. In two cars, we went all the way to Kepong for this eat-all-you-can buy-5-free-1 steamboat.

Sausages that look like.. testicles?

I also dunno what they were checking out.

(Pardon my piggy face for the night.)

HAHAHA we were supposed to act gangsta and I ended up looking like I'm constipated!

The awkward smile.

"Chicken essence + leftover chicken bones"

A toast to the festive season!

They all actually shouted "YAMMMMMM SENG!"

The disaster we made.

Julie's absolutely disgusting ice-cream.

A groupie 'fore we leave.

Adjourned to Desa Parkcity after that.

Look what I saw!
(Only perverted minds can understand lol)





After walking almost 2-3 kms around the park, it was time to call it a day.

Back to Setapak we went.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Second Concert!

Ahn yeong!

Much to your relief, I'm finally back! Got rid of my exams and for the time being I'm all ready for the festive season and New Year!

To my beloved frequent readers, sorry 'cuz you guys gotta bear with dreaming crabs and all sorts of things due to my previous post. Well now, you've got new things to feast your eyes upon.

Way before my exams, I decided that I would reward myself for jamming my brain with tons and tons of knowledge. The reward was a concert by.. my idol my future husband my honey Raymond Lam.

The boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me and sit there for two and half hours for RM258 (the boyfriend is not very fond of RL because I go gaga over RL all the time lol). I mean, what more can you ask for? And most importantly, he did not fall asleep.

RL is really damn good at singing live! Not even a glitch. He even walked around the arena but no, I couldn't get hold of him fml.

So near yet so far.

I only had my pink overalls that night because I didn't expect it to rain. Worst of all, the wind was damn strong and damn cold so I was shivering until my teeth clattered. ROAR!

Him warming himself up while I was still shivering even in his jacket.

There's not much to elaborate but it was a good good night.

Thanks, Boyfriend. <3

Lots more coming up. Stay tuned.

And Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Om Nom Nom Nom

Sorry I might make you hungry with this post. :D

Went for dinner at One Utama just now. Bro took us for Nyonya food at Peranakan Place.

We had..

Lala Omelette.

Devil's Curry Chicken.

Not as devil-y as I thought.

Honey Sotong.

And also Four Angled Beans with Belacan. (Bro did not bother about me wanting to take a picture and straight scooped the dish onto his plate. Ish.)

The sotong was good! I enjoyed it the most. The omelette didn't make up to it's name because the lalas were too small, I could barely taste them. The curry chicken could be better if it was more spicy but I guess it is one's preference for the level of spiciness. (I can eat real spicy food!) Vegetables - normal for me but Mother J said it was very good.

Ratings: 8/10. Go try! :)

Walked around and got myself another pair of skinnies. I love love love skinnies; they make my legs look longer. (I have relatively short legs in proportion to my upper body wtf.)

Got home after that. Nothing much.


Yesterday, Mother J cooked crab porridge for dinner. She bought two live crabs and they were in the sink so I went and disturbed it. The boyfriend said 'crabs also em fong guo'. Lol.

I wanted to take a picture of the crabs but at first attempt one of them was afraid of the blinking focus lights and tried to run away HAHAHA.

On the second attempt:

Crab#1: Eh what she trying to do ah? Got red laser lights shining on us leh.
Crab#2: Noob, she trying to take a photo la. Quickly pose.
Crab#1: Ohhhh okay!

Crab #1 & #2: Cheeeeese..
(Although they didn't look too happy)

Little did they know they were about to be dumped into a pot of hot water. Poor crabs..