Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Not mine, obviously. It was Yvonne's.

The wedding cake was very pretty!

They had small little cupcakes too.

Me, looking very oily after the dinner

More pictures soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Work, Work, Work

I seriously wanna get my ass back to college ASAP. Studying isn't that bad afterall.

Working is! It's killing me softly. I swear.

First, I had nothing much to do. Now, I have.



And guess how many days? Not one, not two, not three but five. I shall refrain myself from typing all those foul phrases in numerous languages and dialects.

I totally feel like a piece of crap now. Sigh.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The day had came and past. But I believe that's not the only day where one expresses one's love.

I enjoyed my night. Period. No explanations needed. =)

How about you?

Monday, February 9, 2009

I. Don't. Wanna. Work

Daily attire from tomorrow onwards is formal.

Everyday wear like that can die
(I look happy in the picture because presentations are only a one-timer)

Oh my God. I'm starting work tomorrow and there's this shitty feeling overcoming me right now.


I want my holidays. Sigh. If I have to work overtime every single day, I think I'll become a zombie by the end of the three-month-period.

As if I have a choice.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It Rained So Heavily

We've got the power to make the rain pour. Muahaha.

Was out with with two pairs of sisters - Wan Theng and Wan Cheng & Mei Yann and Mei Sim. Too bad I didn't have a sister as well.

Secret Recipe for lunch and later on karaoke in KBox. No elaborations needed.

It looked nice but I had trouble finishing it up


They said look like those people recording in studios

Finally got to meet her after gazillion years

I just realised there's no group picture. Damn.

Nevermind. I post this one. Better than groupie. =DD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thengy Thengy

30th January 2009


Today was girls day out again. Well, after the movie that is. After JJ was Parade. I didn't know what got into me but I was damn tired and Thengy kept dragging Chengy and I from one shop to another. My eyes were hurting and then my legs were hurting too but I had no choice; still had to be dragged by her.

Anyhow, since she had laser-sharp eyes she spotted these Korean tees.

Call me Mrs. Junsu

Headed for a drink.

Retarded sandwich

My bestie is very well-knowned for her *coughs* "cautiousness" @ clumsiness. It's either she will drop things or bump into someone or she'll walk and suddenly just trip.

So what happened was she spilled her cup of Iced Milk Tea. Lucky thing the cup was empty and only filled with ice.

However, it didn't make things better because she made the table and floor wet.


*Shakes head*

I still love her though!

Thengy's photography skills sucks

Later headed over to her house.

And camwhored! =DD

It was nearing 8pm, the sun also set already; I dunno what's with the shades

She made me do it too

She was probably doing a Samara

Dinner at Mun Cheong Restaurant.

I finally had yee sang for Chinese New Year.

End of story.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Picture Tagging

I wonder who came up with this picture tagging thing. It took me so long going through thousands of photos to find the pictures required.

Anyway, tagged by Yin Yin since I-dunno-when.

1. A picture of you in the most unique environment.

Avid readers of my blog should have seen this before

2. A picture of you in the place you dislike.

Lecture halls!

3. A picture of people who mean a lot to you.

That's my babysitter

4. A picture of you with your best smile.

If I could just crop him out

5. A picture of you with the lamest pose.

It was 2 in the morning and I had nothing else better to do

It wasn't Christmas yet at that time

6. A picture of someone who stands on top of your heart.

Junsu baby! HAHA

7. A picture of you with toys or cute stuffs.

It's not mine
I wanna clarify that I DO NOT like soft toys

8. A picture of you in a white shirt.

Berjaya Times Square on Halloween's Day

There! Done! Mission accomplished!

Off I go. Dinner is awaiting!