Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have very boring hairstyles throughout my life.

Dont' believe? Look at these.

I started out with this: plain, long, layered hair.

Mum, why do I have such a big and round face? *Sulk*

Was stuck with this hairstyle ever since I'd snipped my hair short in Form 1.

Tired with it, I then decided to layer some fringe as well in Form 5. So I looked like this.. ever since.



A trim or two in between..


Hair grows again..

Still lettin' them grow..

Snip snip again..


And grow again..

Halfway through 2008 (May), I dunno sau what chi kik the trip to the saloon went wrong and I ended up looking like this!

Electric shock you all first *bzzzzzz*

Trimming your hair is a must!

Growing longer..

Finally can tie my hair up!


Longing for my hair to be longerrrrr..

In the process..



Come 25th October, I thought to myself, "Hmm, time for some changes again."

Made my way to the saloon - with HL and Yv tagging along to get their haircut - to make myself look better (Geez.. or maybe not?)

Looking very nervous.

While waiting, this was what they were up to.

After approximately three hours and a half, we left the saloon - with me looking like this!






Me and my still rounded face.

Not forgetting my brand new straight hair.

I'm not too sure whether it should it be a :) or a :(

You be the judge.


Remember this? Victor actually borrowed/lent me Nicole! (I can never remember when to use 'borrow' and 'lend'. FML.)

I was the proud "owner" of Nicole for one night. Hehe. Happily brought it back home and snap snap snap!

Nicole was a lil' too heavy for me and since I was new to these type of cameras, my photography skills still ain't that good.

All from Mother J's garden.

My woof woof hair clip.

Went back to MC with WaiYee darlink and YuetMing the next morning since it was Rangers' Enrolment but when we'd reached, everything was done. -_-

We went for Dim Sum after that. I had DS the morning before too. That meant DS was breakfast for me two days in a row. DS's not cheap you know!

This is.. I dunno.

My fav fav fav fav! Har Guin (Prawn rolls wtf?)

Har Gao.

Egg tarts!

Loh Mai Kai.

Chee Cheong Fun.

We had more but like I'd said Nicole was heavy, very lazy take the camera out lor. Later scratch the real owner will chop me into 18 pieces leh.

So yeah, my one night stand with Nicole.

*Nicole is a DSLR camera for those of you who dunno or might have doubts due to the last sentence above. Hahaha.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Masak-Masak #1

Today's post is specially dedicated to those only with the possession of a rice cooker. Nope, no stove involved.

We're gonna cook pasta!

First, get the ingredients (of course) :-

i] Pasta of your choice.
ii] Sausages.
iii] Chicken fillet/breast.
iv] Pasta sauce of your choice.
v] Seasonings (pepper/soy sauce/salt).

Yeah I guess that's about it.

First, you clean and wash the chicken fillet/breast and cut it into pieces. Same goes with the sausages.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta.

Transfer it into a bowl/pot.

Marinate the chicken pieces with pepper and soy sauce/salt according to your own liking.

Cook the chicken in the rice cooker and add a little water. It shouldn't take a long time since the pieces are easily cooked.

Add the sausages into the chicken and pour the pasta sauce into the rice cooker. Leave until the mixture boils.

You will end with this:

Ta da!

Your last job is to.. just eat!

And don't forget the dishes. ;)