Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ahh.. My weekend back in Ipoh was so productive! Initially, was back to see Siah. And then it was Evon's birthday and I met so many of the ex-Form 6ers.

And then.. someone called me from some unknown number.

"Hello, do you know who am I?"

Me being a sleepyhead who had just woken up: "Yeah, **** **** ****."

Then, the voice started to raise by saying: "**** **** **** my foot! My surname is DAR and my last name is LING.

I realised!


I was so shocked I was screaming over the phone saying, "Why didn't you tell me sei poh?!?!" and her answer was "I wanted to surprise you!" and I was like "Yeah, surprised my foot! I'm really surprised now lor!"

Honeypie wanted to surprise me as though she's my boyfriend. LOL.

I was still screaming over the phone during our 20 minutes call. Dahlah already throat pain, but couldn't keep the adrenaline rushing so I needed to shout to get into the situation.

Anyway, we met up today in Jusco (again, for three days in a row). Expectedly, the talking couldn't be finished; from clothes to make-up to shoes to guys to girls to Australia to Malaysia to safety to (seriously I can carry on forever) food to hair and to.. argh, you get it.

Then Chin Yap sms-ed to meet up. And Rocky and Bernard were there as well. We went to Black Canyon (in which Bernard kept on saying Grand Canyon) to have a cuppa.

What a nice background =))

My bitter cappuccino

Thengy's Iced Lemon Tea

The waiter served us with a plate of alphabets biscuits (those that come in ABC's) but I don't know what's the purpose of it. First, I didn't know whether it came together with my cappuccino or not. Second, maybe it was just something for us to nibble on, but I don't see the other patrons at the other table getting them. Third, if it did came with my drink, how was I supposed to consume it? Like dunking those biscuits into the coffee? Or was I supposed to bite and then have a sip of the drink? Or vice versa?

Then I figured out something to do with the biscuits.

I tried making a longer sentence but there weren't enough letters. So Chin Yap suggested to do Scrabble style. And Rocky said I should put 'em on my saucer so that it'll look like a decoration.

So this is what we'd got:

But it sounded more like 'you f**k' more than 'f**k you' which doesn't sound too right because it's like accusing people more than a statement.

Then came the rearrangement.

But it still sounded more like 'you f**k' more than 'f**k you'.

So I decided to change one of the letters.

Sounds better right? More 'sun'. And factual. But I don't really mean you reading this suck lah.

Okay. End of playing-with-food story.

After that, the guys left so Thengy and I continued with her shopping spree. She bought a couple of stuffs which cost probably RM100++ (!!! - but it didn't matter to her because she had her FAMA - Father and Mother Account - to pay) and I was envying so much. I had less than RM30 in my pocket, so needless to say, did not get anything.

Thengy was complaining about how round her face is bla bla bla as though my face wasn't. She would probably kill me if she ever saw her picture in here but I doubt she reads my blog regularly. For the moment I'll be safe until I return to Ipoh again two weeks later when Vienz is back. Anyway, she asked me to wait two weeks to take photos of her because apparently, she would go on a diet and would get thin and all the grandmother's story of hers which I highly doubt will come true (I'm so dead).

Well, you may read that what I did was little but seriously it was one hell of a productive weekend because I was practically out for the whole Saturday and Sunday.

Now I gotta run off and pack my bag to get my ass back to KL tomorrow.


MIA.. Not!

OMG. It's been so long since I'd touch my blog. It's like all moldy and rusty already. Not like I didn't want to update but I just couldn't find the time. It's now the critical season of the semester with tests and assignments are to be due soon. Sigh, six more weeks before the finals. And then it's time for my internship.

Currently am sick. Already one week but still not feeling better instead the throat went worse because it hurts even though I'm swallowing my saliva.

Ipoh for the weekend because being such a good friend, came back to see Siah @ Yuet @ Elise. Okay whatever; the list could go on and on and on.

Friday night, met up with her and Evon for a drink in Friends Cafe. We were practically talking and laughing as though we owned the shop.

Saturday noon, followed Siah (again) and her mum for Japanese food. Had fried udon, seaweed salad and also some maki sushis if I were not mistaken of its name.

The udon tasted more or less like fried lou shu fun and it was good!

This was the seaweed salad, all half eaten because we were eating halfway and I went, "Oh, stop. I wanna take pics!" Well, obviously her mum wasn't there or else I wouldn't have done it because it sounded so rude to ask people to stop eating just because you wanted to snap some pictures. Of food. I hadn't the chance to take pictures of the sushis because it was practically snapped up, so yeah that's about it. The food was shared by three persons but I was somehow filled to the brim of my tummy. Both of us headed to Jusco after that to catch the movie of the year, Twilight.

For those who are unaware, Twilight is actually a novel by Stephanie Meyer about a human and a vampire falling in love. Or some sort like that. It consists of four books altogether namely Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. To cut things short, the movie was awesome! Well, I thought so because I have yet to read the book. Yes, yes I do sound so yesterday but to actually read that I-dunno-how-many-inches-thick-book first, the movie would have been off the cinemas already. Apparently, according to those unknown kids sitting beside me in the cinema, the book was absolutely better (in which it always happen). Kids as in 12-year-olds who couldn't stop shouting, screaming, laughing, clapping their hands and probably drooling whenever the vampire (who potrayed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter) came into the scene. Seriously?

After some walking around, Siah said she was craving for banana split ice-cream so we went to Secret Recipe. And then, she decided not to have banana split anymore. (-__________-) Instead we ordered French Fries which is so associated with her since Form 3, and also Chocolate Indulgence.

And after more walking we went back to my home and I was there bugging her, thinking whether I should go out at night. And we went to church after that and after church ended I was still bugging her on whether to go out or not. In the end, I did. I went.

Ended up in Happy Valley (no, not the one in Hong Kong) to celebrate Evon's birthday which falls on, well.. today! (Happy birthday again!) A bunch of her Form 6 friends were there with her and suddenly I popped out like magic and she was so surprised. Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Definitely looking happy and gorgeous with her new hairstyle!

Praying hard.. praying very hard. *God please help me get someone to finish up my 3000 words assignment for me*

There she was, completing her task of so-called tradition. She was so convinced and worried that:
i] her nose would eat the cake first
ii] her hair would touch the cake
iii] the cake would mess up her white shirt
iv] the whole bunch of us was going to push her face into the cake
in which all of them didn't happen except a little bit of [i].

There she was again, happy as ever!

And Teik fooling around with a candle. He does wonders just to make you laugh.

I guess that's about it. Want to blog about the SBS Mystiquel Nite but I have not gotten the complete set of the photos yet, so I'll do it God-knows-when. Maybe more updates tomorrow.

Oh, I mean later today.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Pathetic One

Finally found the time to update my dearest blog.

My friends and I spent Halloween by making our way to Times Square and Sungai Wang for some shouting moment, which is karaoke. We'd all decided that is was a very good way to release our stress since the workload of assignments are slowly piling up.

Anyway, I shall let the pictures do the talking. Not many though, especially since everyone didn't want to give up the microphone to snap a couple of pictures.

It was the 31st of the month, so what else is nicer than having a cuppa BASKIN ROBBINS?

Ahh, so happy happy!

Suddenly, my home internet connection sucks so badly that I can upload no more photos, which is pissing me off so much also because the stupid download doesn't seem to move AT ALL even though it had been on for the WHOLE day.

So that's it.

A pathetic update.