Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Me, But Me

UK: Friday (300710); 1605 hours.

Warning: This is so not me but emo post ahead.

Today's class made me ponder on lots of things and I think I need to get this all out because it's really unhealthy keeping emo thoughts to myself.

Sometimes I wonder why is it so hard to please someone? We work our butts off (in some cases, I work my butt off) but we don't get what we expect to get. We try to think out of the box but yet it doesn't work because it's not what someone wants.

I'm getting tired of this as each week passes.

Taking that out of consideration, things get worse when you get people that are.. "not so cooperative" to work with. In short, you know you're screwed when they just solely do their part (without much effort), and leave the rest to you.

I was reading from a blog about one being the fourth runner in a relay race.

A website stated: "The most popular strategy for running a successful relay race is running your best runner last."

Actually, I don't mind being the fourth runner because I get to learn about lots of things this way. In fact, I was already one since my college days.

But I cannot accept when someone goes (through action, not words): Nah, this is my part. I have nothing to do with it anymore kthxbai. *Whistle whistle*

I CANNOT ACCEPT. How to win the bloody race liddat?

But not like I can do anything about it. Fml.

Studying in the UK is not a bed of roses.

This is the real life.

There. I'd said it all out. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Maybe a doze of shopping or relaxing at the park might work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheshire Oaks & Liverpool (Cont'd)

UK: Tuesday (270710); 1600 hours.

A continuation from this.

As I stated in my last post, people who went to CO and Liverpool could buy things that could fill the whole surface of a single bed. Some could even fill the surface of a DOUBLE bed.

And just look at what I bought.

In a chronological order.

From CO:

Have been longing for this book for a long long time. I hope it's good!

The Lost Symbol @ £4.99.

(The first thing I bought was a book wtf???)

Earrings from Claire's @ £4.90 after a 30% discount.

Very dai!
£4.90 x RM5 = RM24.50 / 9 pairs = RM2.72 per pair.

HAHAHA typical accountant, everything also must convert.

Shorts from Gap @ £4.89.

Hush Puppies shoes for the bf @ £35.

Under his mum's account but if he can't wear I said I will chop his feet smaller so he can fit into the shoes. Lol.

Luggage bag @ £15.

@ £1.97 after a 10% discount.

Helps me to grow wider wtf.

Girly/woman (momma and babysitter are women!) stuffs from Revlon.

L-R: £0.95, £3.00, £4.99 each, free gift.

Liverpool One:

Formal shirt from Zara @ £9.99.

Flip flops from Primark @ £1.

Beh tahan 'cuz my shoes were killing me from all the walking.

Could not even find a pair of Nike/Adidas that was of my type.
Disappointed betul tak beli banyak benda.

I'm not a branded kinda person so even the Ralph Lauren t-shirts, which were £30 each, was considered expensive to me. Call me stupid but I seriously don't see a need in buying a RM150 t-shirt with a small logo of a horse and a man? Same goes with Lacoste handbags; everyone said, "Very cheap!!!!" but it's just a handbag with a crocodile?

Anyway, my shopping items can't even fill a drawer wei.

FAIL kao kao.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheshire Oaks & Liverpool

UK: Monday (260710); 1345 hours.

I'm writing this post with much pain and disappointment. (Read till the end to know why.)

Oh, I didn't mention about going to Cheshire Oaks (CO) and Liverpool here, did I? I spent the weekend there with seven other friends and just got back yesterday.

We took the train from Sheffield to Liverpool around 7 something in the morning and reached Liverpool around 9 plus. (I can't remember the exact time; the trains here depart at super weird timing such as 0732 and they are very punctual!)


In the train.

This is how I look like if I had only four hours of sleep the night before. -_-


You know, I always had this in mind - if I had loads of money imma buy a big big piece of land and build a house in the middle of it and rear cows and horses and lambs. So nice ain't it?

We headed to the bus stop to take a bus to Cheshire Oaks which was around an hour away.

Which bus to take?

Ahh.. this one!

Bus fare for to and fro.

We were carrying our bags through out the whole time shopping in CO. Did lots of walking in CO itself and not forgetting the "wonderful" walk from the bus stop in Sir Thomas Street in Liverpool to Everton Hostel. Damn kao okay that half an hour's walk. With all our bags and shopping items some more! T_T

Three friends ordered pizzas for dinner.

Maple, Fatt and I ate Sainsbury's instant noodle @ £0.19 each and some Real McCoy's chips. I was too tired and if Maple did not wake me up to eat I would have dozed off until the next morning.

We each paid
£16.67 for the stay in the hostel.

Everyone busy packing.

Four double-decker single beds.

The kitchen.

Forgot to take a pic of the toilet.

Took all our things and set off to explore Liverpool. Hopped onto a bus to the city centre and made our way on foot to Albert Dock. Again I stress, we were carrying all our bags with us. *Roll eyes*

Queen Victoria.

Imagine if this swirling thing was a slide.

At first I thought this was Elvis Presley..

.. manatau it's Billy Fury.

Then we headed for shopping again, in Liverpool One. WITH ALL OUR STUFFS IN HAND AGAIN. *CRY*

Lunch at Buffet Star @ £7.70.

It says: Chinese and Thai Cuisine but I was expecting too much (i.e. tom yum) and got nothing spicy from the buffet. -_-

Three rounds makan + one round dessert.

Stupid seagull standing so nicely on top of the statue.

Fresh lavenders! I'd never like lavenders but omg the scent was really good!

Sorry Yvonne, imma love fresh lavenders from now on.

Headed to the train station as the shops were all closed at 5pm.

Stupid pigeon lifted one of its legs and "shat" there.

Everyone was dead tired and thus, no more pictures.

Now, why pain and disappointed?

1. Carried things everywhere we went and walked everywhere with it. Today I woke up with a pain neck. Not forgetting, my shoulders and back hurts and my legs and arms are aching. That explains the PAIN.

2. People who went to CO and Liverpool One said they didn't had enough of time to walk into all the shops. They bought six/seven pairs of Nike/Adidas/Reebok/Fred Perry/etc shoes each, shirts, branded handbags, sunnies etc etc. We walked two rounds in CO and entered into selected outlets in Liverpool One (because my slippers koyak-ed while walking to the hostel and I had to wear my ballerina sandals and the thing was killing my feet.)

What did I get? You wait for my next post. Then you will understand why DISAPPOINTED. Lol.

Lesson learnt from this trip: I can NEVER EVER be a backpacker. Need to carry all the things and walk a lot and sleep in super eerie hostels (could be with strangers in the same room too!).

I'm gonna end abruptly here. Need to work on my report writing $*&^%@!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Toilet Tales

UK: Friday (230710); 1510 hours.

You know what's good in the UK?

Their toilets.

Well, I've never been to ALL the toilets in the UK. So far only toilets in Service Centres (or what you call the R&R back home) on the way to Cambridge and Stonehedge, a public toilet in Whitby and those in the University.

@ Service Centre otw to Cambridge.


@ Service Centre otw to Stonehedge.

Tell me the similarities in these pictures and differences from those back in Malaysia. TELL ME!

I'll continue writing this post again.


I'll say again that I've never been to all toilets around the UK. But so far, I'm pretty satisfied with the toilets I'd used. Keep in mind that I'm commenting on PUBLIC toilets and not those in the University or cafes.

1. Shit loads of toilet paper provided. Now this is superbly awesome. Imagine you enter a toilet, to find out that there's NO TOILET PAPER provided and there's NONE in your handbag. Sucks to the max.

2. Dry floor. This is pretty good too. I respect the people here for being able to keep the floors dry. Dry = clean. Wet = eww.

3. Clean toilet seats. Makes you even more comfortable using the toilet. Though I'm not used to sitting on public toilet seats. Pardon me, but I've trained myself to pee pee without sitting directly on the toilet seat. And no, that doesn't mean climbing on the toilet seats and squatting on top.

Nowwwwwwwww, in contrast with Malaysia's toilets.

1. Needless to say. NO toilet papers. So if you need to do some "big business", make sure you have packets and packets of tissue paper.

2. Wet. What's worse is that when people step into the toilet, the soles of the shoes will obviously cause the puddle of water to turn brown/black. Sigh.

3. Referring to point two above, some people will tend to squat on sitting toilets. And cause the seats to be wet with dirty water as well. Urgh. Which is why I prefer squatting toilets. But that will mean people will rinse the floor, which turns back to point two - wet floor again.

Alamak. This toilet tale really hard to kau tim.

But it still doesn't point out the reason why Malaysia's public toilets cannot have shit loads of toilet paper ma! >:(

And pssst, if I manage to find dirty toilets in the UK I might post my rants in here. :p

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So-Called Picnic

UK: Monday (190710); 1755 hours.

Referring to my previous post, my friends and I were supposed to go for a picnic at the nearby park. I was super excited because you don't really get to go for picnics in Malaysia, do you? But we were unable to do so.

Weather, you ought to say sorry to me. >:(

Since we had already prepared the food, we ended up 'picnicking' in Maple's flat.

I only made mashed potatoes with mashed eggs. I had to wake up TWO hours in advance to prepare the filling.

But when I went over to Maple's, look what her flatmate had prepared. :/

Tom Yum Fried Rice.

Fried Rice.

Cheese baked rice.


Braised noodles with chicken and potatoes.

Masala curry chicken.

Everything was prepared by WenLin. Gosh, she's a superwoman!