Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Party

UK: Monday (280610); 2330 hours.

Went for the welcome party organized by the university on Friday.

Vodka for £1.80 only!

Met lots of people there that I haven't seen in ages.

Ex-classmates during Form 5.

Ex-classmate during diploma years.

Ex-tuition mate. Hahahahaha.

(Just to go along with the ex-es :p)

Spot the moon.

So hard to see the moon in the UK. Sky at 10pm looks like 7pm.

Enjoyed myself very much. Awesome music by awesome DJ. Awesome cheap drinks. Awesome company.

Except that I wished it wasn't so superbly packed and stuffy. And I wished there was a real beach at the beach party. :(

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everybody Prays For A Different Reason

UK: Sunday (270610); 1420 hours.

I was in Cambridge for a day trip yesterday. I love going into churches here in the UK because I think they are very beautiful. Classic and lovely architectural structures.

This is The Great St. Mary's Church.

Got in and prayed for a while. Took some pictures. Walked around.

Read petitions by people: Pray for my family, pray for a peaceful world. Pray for my health. Etc.

And then..



P/S: I think the game is on right now, am I right? Do update me about the score to see whether the above petition is answered or not :p


England lost 1-4. Sorry guy/girl, petition unanswered. Hahahahaha.

Friday, June 25, 2010


UK: Thursday (240610); 1830 hours.

After successfully opening my bank account here in Sheffield, Maple, another two friends & I went hunting for stuffs we could buy. Maple was very anxious on getting her Marks & Spencer cookies so we got there first. And look what saw there!

Cute cakes omg!

Handbag cake!

Hello Kitty cakes!

I think all not more than £10. Mad cheap okay!

But nice or not, that's another matter hahahaha.

Had lunch in a deli beside a street.

Chicken burger for £2.

*Gulp* RM10.

Wanna have a look what I got throughout the day? :D

Cookies from Marks & Spencer.

Shampoo & conditioner for £1 each!

A punnet of lovely cherries for £1.50.

I dunno what is this called. A one-piece tube shorts thing :S

Me likey! £4 only! Wahahahaha.

Hippie hairband for 25 pence.

A notebook to help me keep track of my expenses T_T

Slippers for £2.

Ballet flats for £8.

And the BEST-EST-EST deal I got for the day..

100ml FCUK for Her perfume for £10 ONLY!!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meals In Sheffield

UK: Monday (210610); 2320 hours.

So nice to have a bowl of piping hot scallop porridge to warm me up in the cold weather.


It was "ALLELUIA~~!!!" to have something spicy to eat.

All by yours truly :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pizza Making!

UK: Friday (180610); 1755 hours.

Fancy making your own pizza??

Hehe my ape-like pizza!

Yups, you don't need any special dough for the crust. Just use bread! :) Spread some butter, tomato ketchup and all the toppings you want. Easy peasy!

My first two pieces!

Surprisingly, it's really filling.



Then I started to get greedy and put lots of topping on my bread.


Ended up very jelak with the cheese. Sobs.

Lesson learnt: Don't be so greedy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

People In The UK

UK: Wednesday (160610); 1725 hours.

It was just my third day in Sheffield, and I already observed some differences between people here and those back in Malaysia.

Just before I walked to uni yesterday, the 'rubbish men' (or so we call them back in Malaysia) came to the dormitory to collect the rubbish.

This is the way they do it.

Come to think of it, if Malaysia had this system, it may not work either. That's because the majority of the people (if not all) have the tendency to throw their garbage OUT of the garbage cans. -_-

Even as I walk on the streets of Sheffield, I hardly see any rubbish around. There will be someone walking around, with this thing that looks like a long garbage picker to collect those they see along the street. In Malaysia, people (majority again, if not all) will just throw as they walk thinking, "It doesn't matter, there will be people who will pick them 'cuz they are paid to do it." This is very true, as I myself did it before. But that's how it goes back home, no? Nowadays, I try very hard to find a garbage bin as I believe that to keep a place clean, people should co-operate and not have the "tidak apa" attitude. Hmm, I wonder when are people gonna have the same thinking like I do.

My £3 (RM15) Fish & Chips.

As I had my lunch in the uni's cafe, I realized this:

I presume they are lecturers and staff of the uni.

And there they were, sitting in the same compound as the students do, eating and chatting away. This is something very rare back at home. Teachers, lecturers, tutors and staff will be eating away in another special room allocated for them, enjoying their food in the air-conditioned room, while we sweat away in the stuffy and packed canteen/cafe. Veryyy nice! Sometimes I just don't understand why we need to practice this superior and subordinate relationship all the time.

Lastly, again during lunch, I saw this girl who came around and wiped the tables. With her, she carried along a towel (duh~) and a small pail containing soaped water.

Then she wiped, wiped and wiped the table with much erm, I don't know how to say this, enthusiasm? She made sure to wipe the bits and pieces of food off and that the table was clean enough for another person. I'm not sure if it's just her or do the others do the same as well. But I was really suprised!

First, people at home don't carry a small pail containing water (or soaped water) around with them. The cloth that they used, will probably be used to wipe 10 different tables, without washing. Even if they washed it, it's just plain rinsing. Ends up, a white cloth would be black and yet they will be using it to wipe tables. Disgusting!

Second, the table is wiped just for the sake of doing it. Like, what's the point of wiping a table clean if the cloth was dirty and oily? Wiping the table would probably make it even worst. Gosh. As I type this I feel very disgusted already. I think I should stop now because I'm gonna have dinner soon.


P/S: When I say people back home, I don't mean ALL of them. It just applies to certain ones.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Day In Uni

UK: Tuesday(150610); 1607 hours.

That's the amount of students from TARC going to uni. The locals who saw us walking probably thought why the town was suddenly infested with Asians. Haha!

I think this is the Owen Building.

Urm, not really familiar with the buildings' names yet. There are so many to remember!


Outside Stoddart Building, where the icy wind were blowing on our faces.

Then, we went walking around.

Fatty's Street :P


Us, in front of Owen Building.

So classic right? Like those you see in movies.

There were super huge pigeons as well.

Just beside the road in the picture above, you can see this tall brown building.

It's St. Marie's Cathedral Church. Wanted to go in but a mass was on. Will make it a point to go there again.

Then we saw the Wheel of Sheffield. Super big!

Also will try to get a ride here some day.

Haven't tried getting on The Eye Of Malaysia though.

Their buildings are so beautiful I tell you.

Malaysians will never ever bother to do this!

The sky was a little cloudy but no rain except a little in the afternoon.

And then we headed to Netto to get some groceries. Walked so much in a day our legs were gonna break.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more. :D