Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st December 2008

Today, today, today.

Actually I should be in Penang for New Year's Eve, but thanks to Mum I'm stuck here in Ipoh while the Vienz and Thengy are both there. Argh! I feel like just locking myself in the house for the day.

I haven't been updating much recently. First, I don't have the time as I have been out for practically everyday. Second, no idea why but the connection at home is being such a bitch. So this post - no pictures, only words - will be a short one. Thanks to those who still visit my blog frequently. =)

Referring to the previous post, I got the job! But I think the manager is putting quite high hopes on me so I can feel the tension rising through the air already. The interview lasted for around 15 minutes and my hands was perspiring I had to wipe them with tissue before the handshake.

Anyway, last day of the year and still, I do not have any plans for tonight yet. This is totally killing me. I'm so super stressed because finals are about in 17 days but I have not studied! *screams* I really want to die after all the playing and chit-chatting and yumcha sessions. This is too much for me to handle. Sigh. I'll probably kurungkan myself when I get back to KL until 21st January when I can have my freedom back again. Chinese New Year! But work on 9th February.


I guess no updates till the exams are over. I have to kurungkan myself, remember?

Wishing all my beloved readers A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 26, 2008




Sunday, December 14, 2008



I'm supposed to wake up fours later for church and I'm flooding myself with Junsu baby in my thoughts.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Day Out

I dragged myself out of bed at 0945 this morning after Thengy called to wake me up. The lack of sleep from doing last minute job on assignments are really taking its toll on me.

Headed to Old Town for breakfast together with Evon, followed by a drinking session (at 12pm!) in some Hong Kong Cafe in Greentown.

Ended up in Ipoh Parade. Saw a very nice dress for Christmas and also a vest. I'm so gonna bug Mum to get them for me!

Three of us were trying to figure out why sleep wears these days are getting more and more cloth-less. I wonder if the person wearing it will catch a cold.

But Evon looks sexy with it

This is very random but I ate mini abalone at dinner today!

But I didn't like it very much.

Steamboat Day

Back to blogging business!

I'd been asked to go for an interview two weeks later for my practical training. Yikes, kinda nervous that I keep on peeling the skin on my fingers - it super hurts now. I shall pray and hope that they ask me simple question so I will not screw up the whole interview and burst my chance of getting into one of the Big Four Firms.

I have one last assignment to go! That will be the hardest and most complex question that I'd ever got. Well, the hardest in this semester. I don't even know what the old aunty is teaching and now she's giving us this superbly ridiculous assignment. Seriously can die. But for now, I shall blog and download all I want at home! Yay!

Christmas is coming soon and I have to go on my shopping spree already! Can't wait for the season - I'll have loads and loads of fun with my besties!

It is now past 12am. Guess who's birthday again?



Anyway, back to the main topic.

Date: 10th December 2008, Wednesday
Occasion: Hooi Ling's 19th birthday
Venue: Neo Steamboat

Birthday girl is hungry

Makan time!

Eat eat eat!

Back in the hostel, things started to get out of control.

Thanks to this grasshopper, all hell's broke lose.

It looks small but actually it's quite big lor. And one side of its leg hilang entah ke mana already. It was flipping its wings around and I was afraid that it would fly unto me.


After that, Yvonne went through my bag and somehow found my eyebrow pencil.

I ended up looking totally stupid.

Yeah, stupid things that stupid people do.

Monday, December 8, 2008

8th December 2008

Guess who's birthday?

Dearie Wai Yeing

Oh oh! Not forgetting..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tavia In OneU For ~H2O+ Products

I should just knock my head on the wall. I have assignments waiting for me and I'm sitting here, watching television and blogging (the power of multitasking)!


I should really be the winner of world's number one procrastinator.

So how I got to know that Tavia Yeung Yi was in Malaysia? Read more newspaper!

She made appearance yesterday in three places which was:

i] Sunway Pyramid, 11am - 12pm.
ii] Pavilion, 2pm - 3pm.
iii] One Utama, 5.30pm - 6.30pm.

Such tight schedule, must be very tiring for her.

Thengy's brother thought I was Superwoman so he asked me to go to all three places. Crazy.

It was a close call that I didn't manage to catch her because my parents had a dinner and my brother didn't want to drop me off at 1U. Anyway, in the end I managed to make it there in time and I called Wai Yee along, knowing she would love these events as she had a paparazzi-like camera.

I was there around 5pm and surprisingly, there weren't many people yet, so I managed to stand in the front at the side. Well, the front was already occupied by people from Tavia's fan club; they were holding big banners and all and I wasn't stupid to stand behind them to allow those banners to block my view.

When the host announced that Tavia was walking to the spot, the fans started to chant her name and blow super loud whistles that could deafen you anytime. (No offense but are they dumb or what?)

My first shot of Tavia

The the host introduced their products and asked us to buy because we could get an autographed photo of Tavia and also take a photo with her. Tavia was so devoted to her job as an actress, she even promoted her new upcoming series which is Astrology Love.

Since the host was on Tavia's right side, she constantly faced the other way and it was hard to get a front view photo of her. So, I had to call her, "Ah Yi!" to get her to look my side.

Quite blur, though. But at least she looked at my camera. She's really very pretty.

Oh, did I mention that she was very sweet-looking too?

She was asked to present gifts to the winners of some contest (I guess) and the winner was so rude to be late and she made Tavia wait for about 10 minutes!

The winner

Oh God, I don't know when is this going to end. I took 148 pictures of her!

Tavia learning how to say "terima kasih"

Tavia was there for around 45 minutes and then she left. The crowd wasn't as crazy as the one I encountered while in Raymond's album's promotion, or The Gem Of Life promotion.

Okay, there you go. 20++ pictures, not like Maxis Broadband will enable me to upload all; it will take me forever.

Raymond Lam - checked
Bosco Wong - checked
Bowie Lam - checked
Maggie Siu - checked
Kenny Wong - checked
Tavia Yeung - checked

Hmm, I wonder who's next?