Sunday, November 22, 2009

Om Nom Nom Nom

Sorry I might make you hungry with this post. :D

Went for dinner at One Utama just now. Bro took us for Nyonya food at Peranakan Place.

We had..

Lala Omelette.

Devil's Curry Chicken.

Not as devil-y as I thought.

Honey Sotong.

And also Four Angled Beans with Belacan. (Bro did not bother about me wanting to take a picture and straight scooped the dish onto his plate. Ish.)

The sotong was good! I enjoyed it the most. The omelette didn't make up to it's name because the lalas were too small, I could barely taste them. The curry chicken could be better if it was more spicy but I guess it is one's preference for the level of spiciness. (I can eat real spicy food!) Vegetables - normal for me but Mother J said it was very good.

Ratings: 8/10. Go try! :)

Walked around and got myself another pair of skinnies. I love love love skinnies; they make my legs look longer. (I have relatively short legs in proportion to my upper body wtf.)

Got home after that. Nothing much.


Yesterday, Mother J cooked crab porridge for dinner. She bought two live crabs and they were in the sink so I went and disturbed it. The boyfriend said 'crabs also em fong guo'. Lol.

I wanted to take a picture of the crabs but at first attempt one of them was afraid of the blinking focus lights and tried to run away HAHAHA.

On the second attempt:

Crab#1: Eh what she trying to do ah? Got red laser lights shining on us leh.
Crab#2: Noob, she trying to take a photo la. Quickly pose.
Crab#1: Ohhhh okay!

Crab #1 & #2: Cheeeeese..
(Although they didn't look too happy)

Little did they know they were about to be dumped into a pot of hot water. Poor crabs..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Changing Technology

Technology is making its rage in the world now. We have all kinds of gadgets - laptops, mp3s (Sony Walkman, iPods etc), mobile phones, PDAs, video games (PSs, PSPs, Wii etc).. the list goes on and on.

Today, my topic is about mobile phones aka handphones (hp).

We've seen all types (and shapes) of hps and boy, it's really fascinating to see the changes in this gadget.

I still remember the first contact I had with a hp. It was my dad's and it was helluva big! As big as your water tumbler. Lol. Not even close to the biggest one on top. The Cantonese calls it tai kor tai because the owner looked like a tai kor (big brother) holding it.

I had my own hp when I was 13. It was by luck, actually, because Bro#1 wanted to change his hp number and Bro#2 wanted to change his hp. So it was an ideal package for me as they could throw their stuffs to me.

My first was a Nokia. It was a little bulky and even had an external antenna! But you don't complain if you get free things. I tried looking for a picture of it on the Internet, but I can't find anything similar to it. Talk about outdated!

That particular hp did not last me long as its battery life was dying, so Father D promised me if I did well in my Form 2 final exams he would get me another one. The Nokia 3310 was quite popular during that time but it wasn't manufactured anymore so I got a Nokia 3315.

Nah liddis one.

The one I had looked exactly the same, the only difference was I think mine had blue LED lights. I think. Can vaguely remember.

Technology went advanced again and two years later, I forced my dad changed my hp again.

My first coloured-screen hp.

Bought it when it was newly launched for RM700 and now it's worthless I think. But this was the best hp I ever had! Still using it until today and it is proudly six years old now. I think nobody uses a hp as long as six years these days.

Things that differ my hp from those in the picture above are..
  • The words on the keypads are no longer visible.
  • The rubber coating on the on/off switch is also no longer there. Means there's a hole lor. Lol.
Two years after my Nokia 3100, I got my dream hp after scoring well in the SPM.

It was this..

Sony Ericsson W800i.

Everyone knows what hp this was! It was the IT thing to have! Even by looking at the picture alone I get jitters. I felt so cool and in using this particular phone and it was as if I was not left behind in the technology world. I never felt so overjoyed before! Moreover, it was the most expensive gadget I had in my possession (RM1,500) and it was the proof of my success in my last year of high school.

But some bloody idiot made my joy into misery and tears. Approximately four months after I had the hp, I went on a holiday in Hong Kong/Shenzhen. I told myself countless times, if it was possible, not step my foot into Shenzhen again. Talking and thinking about it makes me feel so fired up already.

Apparently, I was a victim of the pickpocket syndicate. My visit there was mostly ruined as I lost my hp on Day 2. Bloody bastards.

Anyway, had to fall unto my former hp until I got a new one the following year. This time it was using my own money and I chose a Sony Ericsson again.

This time was W850i.

I loved it's sleek look and the slide concept. Looked very yeng. Got it for RM1,650. Served me well too, having a built-in camera and also mp3 which accompanied my throughout my boring days.

Two years later, the phone died on me, twice. Six months after, I finally got another hp! Yay!

SE C510.

I just can't get enough of Sony Ericsson. Got it for RM540. (RM240 actually, RM300 was from the trade-in of my W850i. Bought for RM1,650 but sold for only RM300 grr..)

Still in the midst of discovering the phone. Looks cool to me. *Giggles*

I had six (6) hps throughout. How about you?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Makan-Makan At Kaki Corner

I bet you guys thought I was really dead. Lol.

Fret not! I'm still well and alive!

Went through some pictures and since I'm hungry right now, I shall blog about FOOODDD. Food makes us all happy, no?

Okay fine. If my sentence did any injustice to you, I shall rephrase it. Food makes ME happy. :D

This was slightly more than a month ago; the night of 13th October. The outing was made in conjunction with Woon Chun's birthday, which was the day after. Headed over to Kaki Corner in Cheras for dinner in five (5) cars.

Birthday boy.

This place is really nice! They have all kinds of steaks and chops. Not forgetting pasta & finger food as well. The prices are very reasonable too - taking into consideration that the portion they serve is good enough to fill your tummy - ranging from RM8 - RM15.

We were spoilt for choices.

Lit with yellow lights, the ambience was nice and cosy. They also had a live band but the music and singing was a tad too loud for my liking as it was a little hard for us to talk.

There were 15 of us, thus the biggest group again in the restaurant/cafe. Our table stretched from one end to the other.

Out of the 15, 12 were all pairs which meant there were six (6) couples that night. Two came without their other halves and one was all single. Poor birthday boy. Quick find a girlfriend already hor!

Ling Kian & Bebe.

Clement & Kiah.

Albee & boyfriend.

Boon Hoong & Siu Wei.

The ones standing are not couples, we were partners during our diploma years.

Class representative and assistant in year 1 and vice versa in year 2.
What partners were you thinking about huh? Lol.

My big ass cup mug of carrot juice.
I think it was only around RM5 or RM6. Cheap, no?

The guys, two of 'em missing.

BH's Mushroom Spaghetti.

Mint Lamb Chop.

I typed 'lamp' instead of 'lamb'. -_-

Soft-shelled crabs.

It was GOOOOD! Not too oily, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. YUMM..

My Chicken Maryland.

This was totally HEAVEN.

WC's Spicy Ham Chicken.

Black Pepper Lamb Chop.

White Sauce Chicken Chop.

Sizzling Lamb Chop.

Sorry you gotta twist your head a little for this picture. It wouldn't freaking rotate I have no idea why.

Nice eh?


Sorry you were wrong.

There were two or three other tables where the people were there to celebrate birthdays as well. So this girl came over to give WC a piece of her birthday cake.


And so they exchanged birthday cakes..

.. and a piece of tissue paper. Girl asked if boy had Facebook so boy wrote it on a tissue paper, just like those in movies. Sweet.

Boy's friends were a little crazy so they snatched that delicate piece of tissue and added all sorts of things to it.

In the end, I don't know how did the finalized tissue paper looked like but they exchanged e-mail addresses, handphone numbers and even their status ie single, in a relationship etc. Really -___-

Girl came back with (if I'm not mistaken) "single but married and not available sorry ya". Wtf lol. Single but married?

Eating cake the Chinese way.

See if you could spot the other two couples in here.

Argh yours truly looked so horrible here.

So yeap, that was it. We had a good, good night and that's a wrap! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shoot Shoot Shoot!

My MSN personal message reads: "Hello somebody shoot me."

My Facebook status reads : "Anyone has a gun? I need to shoot myself."

Why am I such a pessimist? Read the previous post.

Anyway my point here is, I have such good friends they try to fulfill what I want by "BANG!!"-ing me over MSN and flooding my status with comments. (Okay I just checked there's 26 comments altogether)

But there's this guy friend who made such good effort I laughed so hard even though I just got out of bed and was feeling very blur.



Thanks man, Rok Chin! Gave me a few minutes of laughter there. Lol.

Okay everyone I'm dead now.

Friday, November 13, 2009

We All Need Bigger Breasts!

I'm feeling very down and stressed and depressed and all. Not too sure whether it's because of the "visitor of the month" or because I'm just so not in the mood.

Come to think of it, I think it's because of the upcoming ACCA exams. Who could possibly be sane enough to be in a positive mood to face an examination? I've heard all the hoo-haa's over the exams, people telling me how hard is it to get through it (I know, thanks for telling). Gah!

And, and.. I just don't have the mood to study. No inspiration, no motivation. But I'm scared about the exams. Fml. It's like there are two voices in my head; the angel and the devil.

Angel says, Study!
Devil says, Do other things!

You know how frustrating is that??

Sometimes I even wonder why am I on this path. Too late to turn back time but can't help thinking what would have happened if I was doing something else.

Few days ago, I was reading an article from The Star and atm, I felt I was damn useless.

This guy is a 10 yo (okayy..), stopped schooling (wtf??), a genius (one in a million okayfinenevermind), keeps track of foreign stock market (aren't 10 yo boys supposed to be busy with toys and other stuff???!!), and fancies physics, chemistry & biology (err, I started studying them only when I was 16).

That's not the end.

He's a lecturer. Beat that. I'm 21 and have yet to complete my tiertiery studies! Oh, there's more.. He charges RM6000 an hour for his lectures! Fucking SIX THOUSAND RINGGIT!!!!! I think I can't even earn RM100 an hour. Fml.

His job doesn't stop with the lecturer.

He is also a CEO. Chief Executive Officer. Oh sorry make that two (2) CEOs. People work their ass off for years to be a CEO and this little guy here holds two position at the age of 10. -___________-

Everybody, together say.. "Fuck our lives."

Suddenly, there's this urge telling me that I need bigger breasts.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Littlest Things

If you wondered where I went for the past few days, well, I just got back from a small "vacation" although I'm supposed to be studying. From three days, it was extended to four and later was extended to five.

Definitely enjoyed every minute and every second of it even though I was stuck in the house for five days without going anywhere. Got back just this evening and now I'm super emo-fied. Typing this makes me wanna tear. *Sob*

Spent few days with my babysitter before she heads back to Penang tomorrow. Talked about lotsa stuff, eg. things we did when I was young etc. I can't go into details else I will really end up crying. I'd miss her already.

You might think it's weird that I'm so sticky to her though she's not Chinese but sometimes, you just gotta believe in fate. Our birthdays fall on the same date and our mothers' birthdays fall on the same date. Funny huh?

I would love to tell more but, cannot. My eyes won't work with me and they are starting to tear .

Pictures of my and my queen.

Penang @ 2007

Penang @ 2008

Okay bye. *Runs off to wipe tears*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blind As A Bat


There are two types of pk.

Pk #1: Spent all your money that you are left with none/less than enough for your survival.
Pk #2: Stupidly fell down.

Guess which pk I had?


Was waiting for my friend to come down from her room in hostel. So I was enjoying the evening breeze and the clouds.

Stepped onto a platform to get a better view of the sky.

You see, the platform had this small little gap for water to flow into the drain when it rained.

Right leg was at the red cross and since I didn't see the gap, left left was on the blue cross. So the whole of my left body slipped into the drain. FML.

The good was, my right butt landed on platform so only my left leg was in the drain. The other was, lucky thing the drain was dry. Otherwise I would end up smelling like the fucking drain water.

But for everything good, there is equally the bad side of it. Just like Yin and Yang.

There was a small cut on my toe and worse, my left thigh grazed against the cemented platform. FMLx2! I sat on my butt for at least five seconds without moving because the pain was so much and it made my leg numb. Thank God nobody was looking (I hope) because it was so embarrassing. But here am I sharing the fall with you guys. -__________-

The damage inflicted: skin grazed off & fiery burning sensation. Hallelujah because I was wearing three quarter khakis because if not for that, I would have bled until I died. I had to (and still have to) walk terkangkang and the sight of me walking is like as though I've got something stuck in my a*****e. Had to even adjust myself while sitting so that I'll land more on my right butt instead of sitting on both sides of the butt. T.T

Today I woke up and walking was even more painful because there's a big ass blue black spot.


Hurts really badly okay?!

Going to the toilet is a troublesome task now. *Grumble grumble*

I already have four eyes but am still blind. FMLx3!

Update: (Wednesday @ 041109)

Why is it getting from bad to worse?????????? URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!