Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday night, I was browsing through the 15Malaysia website. (You can access the website by clicking on the banner at the right sidebar.)

15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

Here are some of my favourite ones.

Potong Saga.

Damn funny can?


Very heartwarming.. Catch a glimpse of Yasmin Ahmad at the end of the video.


Another funny flick.

And last but not least, Chocolate. By Yasmin Ahmad.

I'd always loved Yasmin Ahmad's work.

Anyway, while watching Chocolate, the main character which was the guy caught my attention. His name is Howard Hon Kahoe (not Howard Lee Wei Hoe lol) and I think he is either 17 or 18 this year.

Credits Yasmin Ahmad

And and and.. I found he had a strong resemblance to someone.

Okay the first picture of Junsu was taken while he was quite young, but that's the only one which I could find had similarities.

I'm gonna go goo goo ga ga over Kahoe now. Lol.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Night

The date was 14th August 2009. Night out to Barroom and RJ, which was totally random.

Jillian & I.

Together with Pui Yean.

Panda trying really hard to read that brochure. In a club.

Ze guys.

Ze girls.

Can you feel the loman-ness?

Okay no more. Random pictures on a random night out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Mask & The Hair & The List

As we all well know, the A(H1N1) flu pandemic is rising. Everywhere, you can see people donning on masks to prevent themselves from getting the virus.

I, too, have put on my mask.

But I guess the mask isn't gonna help me curb the virus, eh?

On the other matter (my hair), it's happening again! *SHRIEKS!*

Another angle

This is my hair loss after washing my hair. Only one round of washing, mind you.

I don't wanna go to Yun Nam Hair Care leh.

Sighs x 974152140520 times.


The birthday is coming up. But since the birthday is coming up, it also means that THE FINAL EXAMS are also coming up. Urgh. To be honest, I'd never got a good chance to celebrate the birthday since 2005.

2005 - SPM Trials. 2006 -2009 Bloody TARC Final Exams.

If all goes well for me in college, I wouldn't be able to celebrate it next year too. Because I'll be flying up high in UK! Woot. Let me cross my fingers and toes first.

Anyway, the birthday list. Wuahaha.

i) I'll faint of joy if anyone can spend me on Marie France Bodyline. Lol.

ii) Wii. Good for exercising. Hee.

iii) DSLR Camera!!!! God I'm in love with 'em.

iv) Burning off the final exam question papers. Especially P2 Corporate Reporting.

Okay that was a whole load of crap.

I don't know what I want. Go figure out yourselves.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Double The Fun

You ready for more birthdays?

I think I'm gonna be broke with all the birthdays around. I need to save some for my shopping spree. Sigh.

Once again, it was Yvonne's and Seo's birthday. We went to celebrate in the same place as last year's which was at Feeling Cafe. And we sat at the same exact spot again.

The attendees were:

Yours truly.

Hooi Ling.

Julie, who just refused my camera.

Pui Yin

Birthday girl, Yvonne.

Birthday boy, Seo.


Hong was there too.

First of all, the food. (Food is important!)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice.

Miserable Fish & Chips.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop.

Barbeque Sauce Chicken Chop.

And this.. some fish thingy.

I looked absolutely horrible after a whole day's class. Pardon me.

I'm too lazy to type so just enjoy the pictures.

Finally, Julie.

That's Hong.

And what happens at the end of the day?

The accountant's job. -_-