Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Obsession

I'm so in love with this song right now.

I can play it over and over again even for a million times.

Junsu Baby's voice is so.. heavenly in this.

It's time for bed. My brain is knocking out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kei Joe's 21st

Two nights ago, I was invited by Kei Joe for a barbeque in his house. It was for his 21st, which falls on today (290909)! Happy birthday dear Kei Joe!

Initially I couldn't make it but plans changed so I made a surprise appearance.

Myke gave me a lift so we reached there around 9 plus. By the time, most of 'em had eaten and was busy gaming in the house. Had couple of drinks and corn. And chat chat chat. Also sweat sweat sweat 'cuz it was so hot!

Birthday cakes are a must. So it came to the time where the birthday boy made a wish/wishes.

(Referring again to my stupidity in the previous post, I had no camera in hand thus, copied all the photos on Facebook for blogging.)

Araso. There's no picture of the first birthday cake.

Wishing hard.

Birthday boy's friends presented him with a Green Goblin 'cuz they said it looked like him. Lol.

And you know, they always say that it's a tradition to pull out a candle that is pushed far down deep into the cake.


They pushed his head right into the sliced piece of cake.

Myke's birthday gift.


Shortly after that, I'd forgotten who, but that someone came out with an idea that I blow candles too since my birthday was in the same month though over for quite some time.

And birthday boy happily said he had another cake in the fridge. -_- They opened the box and..

.. my eyes were as big as a goldfish. The whole cake was so creamy! And I knew just what they wanted to do to me.

I was having corn at that time and they wanted to take everything away from me. Smart me obviously didn't allowed so I was safe from all the cream. Phew. If anyone came near me I was sure to use the skewer to attack them. Heh.

Picture time! Not many though. Lazy to copy all the pics.

We adjourned to Kopitiam after that.

Loads of small talk and laughter.

And the day was wrapped up! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Black Eyed Peas

It's 0321 hours and I'm wide awake (taking into consideration that I'd slept at 0400 hours the night before and woke up at 0700 hours for my final paper). Such great love I have for the internet.

Saw this last week when my older bro showed it to me. Found it very cool.

How I'd wished I was part of it too.

Or maybe how I'd wished I was at the BEP Arthur's Day concert yesterday night. My 2nd bro was there to party along and had a good night.

And my older bro is in Taiwan now.

I wanna have a vacation too. T.T

But home's good enough for me.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Diary..

I had waited so long since (insert date of last post) to get my hands on you. Did you miss me? I hope you did. I hoped my readers missed me too. But I feel guilty for only being to show them words for the time being. They'll know why in a sec.

Anyway, let's get started on some updates. I had been missing from the world since last week. Or so. Missing until I didn't know there was some battle between who's the owner of nasi kandar. And missing until I didn't know Gary Chaw & Justin Lo were whacking each other on the streets of Hong Kong. *Gulp*

So, I was practically locked up in the room of the hostel where it was empty as everyone left for home to have their semester breaks. Except me. Stupid exam schedule. My life for the past few days was like a roller coaster. Wait.. roller coaster goes up and down. But mine was all down and no up. Worse. My life was like a malfunctioned roller coaster. -_-

I faced nothing but words and numbers. (Oh, sometimes words of my romance novels. Heh.) I quarantined my laptop so I wouldn't be distracted and I thank Vivien for the iPod. It was made into a very useful entertainment tool. One moment I'll be shaking my head to the beat of the music, another I'll be sitting there like a statue, stoned. So lifeless.

Since it was Raya, the Malay canteen which I usually ate from was close and I had to suffer eating Chinese food that sucks so badly because the food are cooked by the Indons. Not a bit of racism here, but why the shit are you selling Chinese food when they are not cooked by Chinese? Stupid lazy boss. The food is tasteless, really. Or maybe you could just eat bits and pieces of salt among your rice. Sounds good?

My freedom for a week started today at 12.15 pm. The feeling was so great, it was such a relief. I walked myself back to the hostel and got a text from my bro saying that Dad was on his way to fetch me. I was so happy I started packing all my stuff. I stacked my books onto the shelf. Grabbed my make-up bag. Phone charger. Ipod cable. Camera cable. Clothes. Laptop. Etc etc. Dad came. Took my stuffs. And left. Stopped at McD drive-thru to get my lunch and off we go. Back to home sweet home.

And halfway through the journey, I remembered something. I left the damn camera locked in my room drawer. That's so fucking stupid 'cuz I remembered bringing the cable but forgot about the camera. Sigh. It explains why I'm picture-less. I'm so emo now. I thought I would be happily updating about stuffs happening in the past few weeks. But now.





I feel so insecure without my camera lorrrrrrrr. Please tell me I'm stupid. I'm such a noob.

I guess Nicole will have to come it handy for the week. *Hint hint* (Hor, Victor?)

Oh well, I'll have to do without my camera for a week. I'll prolly cam-nap anyone's camera along the way.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slovak Sling

Here's another video from 15Malaysia.

A comedic re-enactment of how one politician tries to entice another to switch party allegiance as DVD pirates look on.

Funny leh.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pre-Birthday Makan

My parents came down to KL for the weekend to "celebrate" the birthday. Not really of a celebration but we just went out for dinner and had some us-time.

Bro #2 recommended to go to a makan place in Kepong, which was Tak Fook Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant. He said the place will be packed so we left home early, around 5.30pm. Being there five minutes earlier saved us from waiting too long.

Bro #2 and #1, who was looking rather blur.

We had six dishes on our table:

Vegetables fried with belacan.

Steamed Kam Foong Fish.

Roasted Chicken.

Sweet & Spicy Crabs.

And cute little man tous to go with the sauce.

Last but not the least ('cuz it's my favourite among all)..

Salted Egg Crabs!

I had so much fun licking all the bits and pieces of salted egg off my crab. Yummy yummy. Their meat were succulent and fresh too. The place was also famous for their Cheese Crab but since the mother do not consume anything produced from cows, we didn't order that.

Taking into account the never-ending crab-eating marathon, the bill came up only to RM109.90. Woot. Bro #1 spent us on dinner.

We left for shopping at Ikano after that. Walked our legs off and now it hurts so badly. But it's all worth it for a quality us-time. Loves.

Rantings By Yours Truly

You know, I kinda ran out of things to blog about. I don't go for outings anymore because finals are just around the corner and I wished I could die . Please bear with me and my rantings.

I wished someone would just take me away. The boyfriend said he's going somewhere near the beach tomorrow (or later) and now I'm dreaming of beaches. I love beaches. (Fuck I typed breaches instead of beaches - CR is taking its toll on me.) I love to be tanned. But I can't wear a bikini. FML.

I have been cursing and swearing so much these few weeks when every little single thing gets on my nerve. I can't find something, I swear. If it rains in the middle of the night or early in the morning while I'm still asleep; so heavy that I have to wake up and close the window, I curse. To cut things short, when something doesn't go my way, the magic words will be blurted automatically from my mouth.

(Ran out of ideas. Goes for a shower.)

(And comes back losing thousand and one strands of hair. Washing my hair is a nightmare to me now.)

I need to get rid all of that stress in me now but I think 'now' is not quite possibly the right time. An image of me grabbing loads and loads of shopping bags likewise Becky Bloomwood is running through my head. Urgh. ACCA is killing me.

(This post is so not in a logical flow.)

Oh did I mention that my finals are only held when the rest are on their semester break? This means my hostel kakis will not be around and I will be alone for a duration of one week plus. No teman, nobody to suffer eating canteen food with me, nobody to study with and nobody to talk to! FML x 2 ! Why is my life so pathetic?

Can somebody or anybody give me inspirations or motivate me? Enlighten me, please.