Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08

I'm still in "the concert" mode.

The concert was totally a blast even though I had problems having a clear view since the girl in front of me was so hyped up she was jumping up and down and waving her hands. And that foreign guy behind me *disgusted look* kept pushing me to the front and I was so pissed I stared at him and pushed him behind. The RM338 ticket zone wasn't that close to the stage because there were at least 200 VIP seats in front.

Anyway, back to the start. I left Brother's condominium in KJ at around 4.45pm for the LRT and got to Pasar Seni. Waited for Bro to get me and went for makan makan in Petaling Street. I couldn't eat in ease because it was nearly 6 and Bro said there were around 50 over people queuing up at 5pm! Got to the stadium around 6.30pm and the queue.. *shakes head* damn long lor!

This was the start of the queue. I think it was at least 1 km long. Not exaggerating! While queuing up, saw Pei Pei from college working there. Thanks to her, I got 4 free posters. I will talk about the freebies later on. After being in the line for God-knows-how-long, I finally got in. Security was tight, they checked my bag but didn't manage to spot the camera because I used a pad in my bag to cover it. HAHAHA. It's just such a taboo for guys, huh? At each level at some point, people had to check my ticket again; so in conclusion I had to take my ticket out 3 times for checking. -_-

Tick tock tick tock.
I looked at my watch, only 7.20pm. And concert was to start at 8.45pm! What to do now? Look around and take pictures lor. But I deleted most of them 'cuz my camera was out of memory for recording. I think I even accidentally deleted one video in which Avril was so cute. Sigh.

The sky was clear. Nice weather, I thought.

Just look at the amount of people! Hundred pair of hands also haven't finish counting. I wonder what would happen if the concert was really banned.

At around 7.45pm, the most feared happened. It started to drizzle. Then, thunder. Then..

Everyone was cursing, shitting here and there (I didn't mean literally). The volunteers/RELA handed out raincoats to the VIP seats guests.

People started to curse again, saying how come only the VIP people gets the raincoat. Actually no, everyone got their share of raincoats. Soon, everyone was looking stupid in the raincoat (included me ok).

Tick tock tick tock. Still raining. Still haven't start.

When the band members came out to prepare their instruments, everyone went crazy and started to chant Avril's name. Like expected, she didn't come out la.

Cut things short, 8.45pm; it was time for One Buck Shot to do the opening but since when Malaysians were punctual? Come 9pm, this short lil' guy finally came out with the spotlights on him. He wore Michael-Jackson-like and sang Maroon Five's This Love. It sounded weird because the pronunciation sucks and he even did the moonwalk. I overheard a guy saying, "Now this guy makes Michael Jackson looks even more gay." I agree.

Everything went pitch black and screams of AHH, AVRIL, WOO; you name it they have it; started. The black cloth dropped and emerged the popular pink skull head. Avril's band member started slamming on the guitars and drums and the dancers came out with flags. Avril was so small that when she came out, I didn't even realize. When I heard "Hey hey you you, I don't like your girlfriend", then I started to search for her.

I told you it was quite far from the stage. So.. small.

Avril sang quite a number of songs ranging from her The Best Damn Thing, Let Go and Under My Skin albums. They include Complicated, Nobody's Home, My Happy Ending, I'm With You, Don't Tell Me, Losing Grip, I Don't Have To Try and the ever popular The Best Damn Thing and Girlfriend.

I think she was aware of the matter that the Government wanted to ban her concert as she kept on saying she was 'so happy to be here and thank you guys for having me here'.

Avril played the guitar, the Grand Piano, and also showed her skills on the drums. She is so obsessed with the color pink that everything is pink! Her guitar is pink, the Grand Piano is pink, the drums are also pink and she even 'zhng' her microphone and microphone stand with pink bling blings!

Avril went backstage twice to get changed and the second time she came out the pink head skull backdrop was dropped to change into the 5-pointed-star (yes, I know stars are 5-pointed, I wanted the term to sound cooler) that she was once associated with. She came out with a hoodie with two horns or ears, whatever you wanna call it. Sang Girlfriend (Lil' Mama Remix) followed by the last number, Sk8er Boi. After all the thank you's she went backstage.. and never came out again. Chants of encore started but nope, she didn't layan. Guessed she was so tired after the singing and jumping. People started to leave when the stadium lights were turned on and band members packed their instruments.

The concert was very short, lasting only 1 hour and 15 minutes but it was damn good can! At the end, I was soaked with sweat and this explains why I didn't post a picture of myself in here.

Avril's fan club members. The shirt they wore damn chun.

Got out of the stadium and waited at the Hotlink booth for Bro. It was total chaos there because people were trying to get free posters. Buying RM30 top-up entitles a person to a bag of Avril Lavigne freebies containing a button badge, a notepad, a mousepad and also a lyric book. People rushed to get their top-ups till it seemed even the top-ups were sold out. Anyway, I got three of those freebies bag. Ngek ngek. After getting four free posters, I got another five because those people wanted to pack up and leave. I even got a notepad, pendrive and a bag from Hotlink through a lucky draw. Went there with a bag, came back with another four. Met Sheng Yuen there as well.

Lesson learnt: Wait till the very end of the concert to get more freebies.

At the end of the day, I saw Avril Lavigne in front of me, I enjoyed the concert, I enjoyed the freebies and I spent RM300 well.

I was in Stadium Merdeka on 29th August 2008 for Avril Lavigne Live In Malaysia '08.

Videos on the concert coming up!


kenwooi said...

Nice event coverage. =)

SueJANE said...

HEY HEY YOU YOU!! i went to avril's concert too!!!
but im way way far behind n all tat i could only c is an ant, tiny avril.. rm98 sitting..
it's gud tat u get to c her clearly..
imagine me, there behind.. ahhhh..
but no regrets!!! AVRIL ROCKED!!!! (read to noe more) lol

belz said...

[kenwooi] thank u. u wrote a good post too. =)

[suejane] rm98 is reli far behind.. didn't that thing in the middle block ur view? actually i had to tip toe or tilt my head to one side most of the times to get a decent view of avril. so today i woke up with body aches. lol. yeahh, she totally rocked!

Pete said...

Nice pics of the concert. Thks for sharing. Fun Concert!