Friday, August 15, 2008

Suicidal Note

The "I wanna die" and "Can you kill me?" thoughts are coming back again. Why is that we work so hard for it, and then it doesn't work out as what we've expected? Life is shitty. Things never go my way. Being in Advanced Diploma is so much super-stressed than Diploma. Lecturers don't spoon-feed us anymore, they expect us to understand what they are talking about every single second and they throw you with super hell-loads of assignments. The first of our assignment's marks are like totally horrible!

Two more to go. One a group-based, the other individual; both due on Monday.

I'm super stressed right now. I have to finish my part for the group assignment, finish my individual assignment AND reconstruct the whole damn thing of the group assignment. All in just four days. So screwed.

Entering week 13, with barely two weeks for THE FINALS, I've yet to touch my books on English and.. Tax. God knows I hate Tax so much. And I have to brush up everything that I'd learn within this 13 weeks in two weeks. 13 weeks don't equal to 2 weeks, as the math theory goes. So screwed again. In my situation, all you can think of doing is to break into the examination room and steal the examination papers. Or better still, just burn the whole stack of question papers.

I feel like climbing up Mount Everest, scream my lungs out and then jump to my death.

The fact that Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong lost their match yesterday makes me even more depress.


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