Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steamboat Day

Back to blogging business!

I'd been asked to go for an interview two weeks later for my practical training. Yikes, kinda nervous that I keep on peeling the skin on my fingers - it super hurts now. I shall pray and hope that they ask me simple question so I will not screw up the whole interview and burst my chance of getting into one of the Big Four Firms.

I have one last assignment to go! That will be the hardest and most complex question that I'd ever got. Well, the hardest in this semester. I don't even know what the old aunty is teaching and now she's giving us this superbly ridiculous assignment. Seriously can die. But for now, I shall blog and download all I want at home! Yay!

Christmas is coming soon and I have to go on my shopping spree already! Can't wait for the season - I'll have loads and loads of fun with my besties!

It is now past 12am. Guess who's birthday again?



Anyway, back to the main topic.

Date: 10th December 2008, Wednesday
Occasion: Hooi Ling's 19th birthday
Venue: Neo Steamboat

Birthday girl is hungry

Makan time!

Eat eat eat!

Back in the hostel, things started to get out of control.

Thanks to this grasshopper, all hell's broke lose.

It looks small but actually it's quite big lor. And one side of its leg hilang entah ke mana already. It was flipping its wings around and I was afraid that it would fly unto me.


After that, Yvonne went through my bag and somehow found my eyebrow pencil.

I ended up looking totally stupid.

Yeah, stupid things that stupid people do.

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