Saturday, June 20, 2009

Memories Of Yesteryears

Remember the days when you have your annual school year books and you go around asking people to write stuffs in your book?

The other day when I was at Vivien's, we came across this:

Looking back, I couldn't believe that I wrote all those.

"Hugs & kisses, Mabelz @ Leader of all babiz"

Somemore got "Muahaha!"


Lastly, she showed me this.

Actually, I was supposed to be a pig, Vivien a cow and Thengy a lamb. Siah was urm, combination of ostrich and tortoise. Hence, ostoise. I can't tell you why because it's something personal.

But I think since cows and lambs are hard to draw so three of us ended up being piggies.

Ahh, I just missed the days scribbling and drawing stuffs. It makes me feel young again.

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