Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kei Joe's 21st

Two nights ago, I was invited by Kei Joe for a barbeque in his house. It was for his 21st, which falls on today (290909)! Happy birthday dear Kei Joe!

Initially I couldn't make it but plans changed so I made a surprise appearance.

Myke gave me a lift so we reached there around 9 plus. By the time, most of 'em had eaten and was busy gaming in the house. Had couple of drinks and corn. And chat chat chat. Also sweat sweat sweat 'cuz it was so hot!

Birthday cakes are a must. So it came to the time where the birthday boy made a wish/wishes.

(Referring again to my stupidity in the previous post, I had no camera in hand thus, copied all the photos on Facebook for blogging.)

Araso. There's no picture of the first birthday cake.

Wishing hard.

Birthday boy's friends presented him with a Green Goblin 'cuz they said it looked like him. Lol.

And you know, they always say that it's a tradition to pull out a candle that is pushed far down deep into the cake.


They pushed his head right into the sliced piece of cake.

Myke's birthday gift.


Shortly after that, I'd forgotten who, but that someone came out with an idea that I blow candles too since my birthday was in the same month though over for quite some time.

And birthday boy happily said he had another cake in the fridge. -_- They opened the box and..

.. my eyes were as big as a goldfish. The whole cake was so creamy! And I knew just what they wanted to do to me.

I was having corn at that time and they wanted to take everything away from me. Smart me obviously didn't allowed so I was safe from all the cream. Phew. If anyone came near me I was sure to use the skewer to attack them. Heh.

Picture time! Not many though. Lazy to copy all the pics.

We adjourned to Kopitiam after that.

Loads of small talk and laughter.

And the day was wrapped up! :)

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