Sunday, February 21, 2010

Popiah Making

Every Chinese New Year, Mother J will prepare popiah for us to eat. Since I was young, I was very excited about this delicacy because I would get a taste of being a popiah seller, wrapping popiahs skillfully.

So, today I'm gonna show you my skills at being a popiah seller.

You will need:
a) Popiah skins
b) Jiu Hu Char (a sample recipe - totally different from Mother J's)
c) Lettuce leaves
d) Sweet sauce & chilli sauce
e) Omelet, sliced
f) Cucumber, shredded
g) Fried garlic

"Apply" the sweet sauce and chilli sauce to your liking.

Place the lettuce leaf on top.

It is important the leaf is big enough to contain the other ingredients so that the popiah will not be soggy.

Put a little sliced omelet on top of the lettuce.

Do the same with the shredded cucumber.

Jiu Hu Char right on top!

Do not be too greedy as too much of it will cause the popiah to "tear". Lol.

Fried garlic for the fragrance.

And the skill to wrap, which cannot be taught.

It took me so many times to wrap this perfectly. When I say perfect, it means not "tearing" or breaking apart until all the things inside drop out.

So how? Can become popiah seller? XD


kenwooi said...

good ar.. making me hungry edy =P

belz said...

good good. :D

sookching said...


belz said...

haha! alright no prob, but i'm not sure when my mum will make it again. next cny maybe LOL.

Sook Ching said...

cheh! not u make wan izit??? i tot u're so geng wo... CHEH

belz said...

i make one.. wrapping part. cooking part sure my mum la. hehe.