Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahn Nyeong Ha Sae Yo!

As much as I love Korean zhais, I never tried Korean food until yesterday. As much as I love sour stuffs, I don't really fancy kim chi. Hmm..

But I think I'm starting to like Korean meals? Hehe.

Rok Chin.

The bf.

Both also berangan wanna eat Korean food.

And me!

Who was skeptical at first.

Our starters.

I didn't know all these can be refilled!

So we keep nom nom non-stop on the anchovies because it was so good!

I tried the kim chi but I'm still not convinced by its taste.

See my chrysanthemum tea!

The cup so miniature even my fingers can't go through the handle.

We ordered Grilled Chicken.

Got the vacuum thingy on top to suck all the smoke so we won't get smelly.

The waiter grilled for us.

Before that must use onion to sapu-sapu on the grill first.

Then he put the chicken on top.

"Oh nooooooooooo.. I'm burning!!!! *Sizzle sizzle*

Here's Rok Chin's ultimate horrid looking Kim Chi Fried Rice.

But actually, it tasted quite good!

Sizzling Beef.

Him nomming.

Chicken's done!

And my Sizzling Chicken.


Can see RC behind nomming his fried rice lol.

Dinner ala Korean wasn't too bad. Would love to try once more. :D Maybe train myself to eat kim chi so when I go Korea to fish some guys, at least they will be impressed. Wahaha!



Chingy said...


Chingy said...

Try bibimbap!! :D

belz said...

bibimbap? apetu? lol!