Sunday, April 18, 2010

Updates: April

Pardon me, I haven't been updating in a while.

Blame the exams. :P Still have one more to go on Friday!

Recent updates:

i) Rok Chin's 22nd birthday bbq party.

Have I gone fatter thinner taller shorter?

And this is why my digital camera totally lost out!

ii) Went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in KLCC with Mother J & Father D dearest.

I'd always thought that this genre of music would make me fall asleep. But I was totally wrong!

Damn.. it was awesome!

Managed to get this before I realized the flash went off and caught the guard staring furiously at me. :/

The best part was, I wasn't seated at the normal seats. Jeng jeng jeng! I was on the third level on those mini balconies.

Felt like a royalty. Fuh!

Then hor, each mini balcony is connected to a special room suite where we can sit, talk, drink tea and nom!

And each room has a personal butler! Or what I thought was a butler. Heh.


But not too yummy.

Really had loads of fun identifying each music instrument. I should really get on started again with my piano to get lean, toned arms. :D

That's about it. Can never expect too much fun during exam period.

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