Friday, November 26, 2010


I still haven't found the inspiration to blog about Europe. Not like I'd found any to start on my books yet. Tell me about it.

So this is another short post on my backpacking whereabouts after the Europe trip.

i) Manchester

The one and only regret I had in Manchester was not being able to visit Old Trafford. Thanks to the English Premier League that was going on. Sigh.

ii) Ireland

My very own perfect pint of Guinness!

Never liked it but it didn't taste too bad, contrary to the Malaysian one.

iii) Scotland

Highlands of Scotland.

It was autumn and our guide said that we were very lucky to have the sun.

Love this picture because it's exactly like a postcard (with me in it).

iv) Newcastle upon Tyne

v) London!

On the London Eye, with Big Ben in the background!

In Madame Tussauds, with Shrek :)

I've heard so much about London and was looking much forward to this place. BUT (there's always a 'but'), I.. don't.. really like this place. Everything was moving so quickly. The cars, the vans, the buses, the PEOPLE. Makes me wonder if these people ever slow down a pace in their lives.

But I never said I didn't like the shopping there, did I? :p

Told ya there's always a 'but'! ;)


melmonica said...

So fun! Wish I have the chance to go there one day. Cheerios x)

FaDLi said...

cool!! my 15 europe country backpacking plan will be on 2011~

belz said...

melmonica: yeah it was nice there. i wish to go back too :)
FaDLi: have fun! ;)