Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today: 2nd October 2011.

Last post: 23rd May 2011.

Five months down the road without any blog posts. It could be because I was busy, and when I wasn't, I was lazy.

But here's what happened recently.. (or maybe not so recent).

Who would resist those high schoolmates meet-ups??

Lammie dearie~

Definitely missing the times we had 6 years back.
Six years; it's been six freaking years already.

A trip up north to Langkawi during the Merdeka holidays with my fellow colleagues and the boyfriend.

The Chatime craze!

(Getting a little sick of it now though)

The Doraemon craze - by the boyfriend; aged 23. Lol.

And lastly, indulging during our birthday dinner :)

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