Friday, May 30, 2008

Initial M

I can't stop laughing at my post's title.

Today, for the first time of the semester, I skipped lecture. Particularly there was nothing much because the lecture hall was overcrowded with students until some of them have to sit on the floor. Hopefully when the class lists are out today, it wouldn't be so packed next week onwards.

I attended the Honda Safety Driving Course with my brother in Asia Pacific Auction Centre, Subang today. The day started at 7.30am until 5.30pm; it was tiring but a fun-filled day. The location was filled with all types of Honda cars like some cockcroach fest feeding on dead stuffs. I cannot possibly take a shot of all cars because there were 16 cars altogether comprising of Jazz, City, Civic and Accord.

Tengok buntut kereta pun sudah syok.

I finally got to drive my favourite car, Honda Jazz. And also Honda Civic 2.0. I felt so yeng driving those cars as though I'm some rich ass who thinks that money grow on trees. Muahaha.

Being someone who is not familiar behind the steering wheel, even after two years getting my license, I was horrified when I saw the first exercise - manouvering the car in a zig-zag motion. Lucky thing didn't memalukan myself by knocking the cones.

Next one nearly got me fainted. Speeding up till 50kmph and then slamming on the emergency brakes on both wet and dry surface. After that was worse! Driving the same mileage and still slamming on the brakes but this time on a piece of plastic sheet with plenty of soap water on top of the sheet. I seriously thought I was going to die. Honda cars are all equipped with ABS so lucky thing the car would just produce some super scary sound and then just stop.

Without the ABS, watch this.

Scary you know!!!! And all the participants were required to do it! I totally went omgwtf. Asking me to drift? Although it's not the usual lai yat lai sau jai, piau yat piau but still!

However, after attempting twice, it was really syokalism! Turning 180 degrees! You really wanna try it over and over again. At least I get to speed and "drift", abuse a car which is super cool and is not mine, and still stay alive after that!

This guy is the head driving instructor. He was asking me theorical questions from the start of the day and teasing me about how my facial expression changes whenever I hit the brakes. He also gave me a final advice which is not to close my eyes when I slam on the brakes. I really couldn't help it but I thought I was going to die so I just close my eyes lar!

After more exercises of skidding, the day ended. We were allowed to test drive certain new models of Honda cars and I find this quite attractive - don't know what model but it certainly looks like it can go vroom vroommmmm.

Received a goodie bag with quite lots of stuffs in it and the Honda Management said that pictures will be sent in a few weeks time. Yeah, they had professional photographers snapping cool photographs of us while performing those "stunts". I can't wait to see how cool was I. Nyahahaha.

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