Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rewind Please

Will return my arse back to KL tomorrow at noon. *Sighs* Back to a oh-so-super-hectic life and days of studies. *Double sigh* Which also means no internet connection and no blogging.

I'm sad.

Now that it's no more Diploma, but Advanced Diploma, I'm afraid that I won't do as well. Stress stress stress. The thought of not all seniors had successfully make it through shudders me as well. Checked my timetable for the new semester; will be having class everyday. That's bad. Especially having to go through Tax again. (-_-) Mati lar kali ini. No more playing too much, no more watching too much of TVB series, no more daydreaming in hostel. I guess it's time to be a nerd. Boring giler!

I'm going to miss being at home, watching television, onlining and sleeping. This semester holidays, I broke my record by only going out with my friends six times. Yes, can count! Six times in a period of more than a month. Went for my second maiden trip out of the state without parents. (KL not included. Haha.) Had my first ever facial done by beauticians (it sucks being my skin - terdedah kepada sinaran matahari yang melampau, plenty of freckles and not moisturized - BAD) and also a makeover. What a random break.

On Monday, it will be back to square one.


Back to daily stuffs, attended SMI gathering today after a lapse of more than a year since their campfire held last year. Spent the whole day there and chatting with Evon. Ended up with us, SM Convent Ipoh - 7th and 8th Coy & 4th Unit, grabbing the awards of Best Banner, Best Attendance, Most Supportive School, Best Dance (sad to say but there was no competitor), Signature Hunt, and ta-da!, the Overall Champion! Oh, I said us because I'm still a Convent girl at heart. *Giggles* Though it wasn't my batch who won but still win what.

The winning piece - a double layer cloth and plastic banner.
"Wrath of the Wind"
I know I look so syok sendiri in there but just let me be okay. LOL.

Us, after such a long day.

It's been such a tired day. Yesterday, I slept at 3.30am and woke up at 9am. My sleeping time has been turned upside down and I'm a self-proclaimed zombie. Hutang tidur banyak nih. I'd better make up the remaining time I have now before bouncing back to notes and lecturers. Oh, and tutors.

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