Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not So Smart Afterall

I have been on the same routine each day since I was back home two weeks back. Which means, sleeping, eating, watching television, online and er, that's about it I guess. If you think that's boring, I'll probably agree a little with you. Just a little.

Because every friend of mine knows that the idiot box is my best friend. I can lie down on the couch for 10 hours, holding the remote control and browsing the channels without doing anything else. Oh yes, I'm a couch potato.

So nothing could probably go wrong when the idiot box is around.

Not really.

Imagine watching a show or maybe the climax of the show, and then it starts to rain, the thunder begins to sound and lightnings begin to strike. Astro subscribers out there will mostly see this: "Services currently not available." Damn pissed lor. Feel like climbing up to the highest peak of the mountain, whacking my chest and pulling my hair while screaming, "WTF???!!!!"

Kononnya upgrading the system to a better one with the new Gold Smart Card. No difference at all! Makes me wanna sweep everything off the table and throw rotten tomatoes and eggs towards the tv. Celaka I tell u!

*Calms self down*
*Chants* The idiot box is my best friend, the idiot box is my best friend x 942635946235194738 times.

Maybe next time when it rains, it would be better for me to go and sleep and dream about my boyfriend. Dream about how much he loves me and how much I love him.

Right, darling?



YEN said...

my boyfriend more handsome

belz said...

that's because u stole my previous boyfy so i had to go with this wan. HAHAHAHAHA.