Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay, I wasted my whole night (or morning) sitting in front of my laptop, practically doing nothing. Except for playing Who's Got The Biggest Brain on Facebook. I tried posting this thing up earlier on but was unsuccessful because, instead of me writing in the 'Compose' section, I wrote my post's contents in the 'Edit Html' section. And I was cursing on how blogspot died on me. Oh, how dumb. *Smacks head real hard*

Anyway, back to the main point.

Today (or maybe yesterday) had been an interesting day. (Well at least not staying home and watching tv or facing my computer without anyone to chat with.) Went out late in the afternoon to watch a movie since What Happens In Vegas was out today. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, I was sure that it would keep me laughing. Although not much as I'd expected, but at least something is better than nothing. Dennis and Timmy was late *coughs*, so we missed the first few minutes of the show. In which it kept me blur for a moment as I didn't know what was happening. But anyway, I think the movie was okay. At least worth my RM6. Made good use of my student card before it expires.

Came home, watched tv and munched on mangoes and mangosteens while waiting for Maple to fetch me to Precious Time to have a drink. Pei Pei was with her and later, Jessie, June and Jasmine came. It has been a while since I met up with ex-classmates from 5 Daisy, though not all, and had a chat. We had some good talk especially with Pei Pei whom I had not seen for centuries. That girl, after so long, is still so sam pat. Did not see Maple for quite some time as well, considering I was not back as often as I was during the semester. Anyway, we'll probably get to meet each other like a thousand times in college starting next month.

We celebrated Jessie's birthday in advanced, which will fall on the 12th. Since it was a surprise, she was actually very blur when the waiter placed the cake on our table. Only after she saw her name on the cake it struck her mine that the cake was actually for her.

"I thought the cake was just passing our table."

Oh well, that's Jessie. *LOL*

Check out the smile on her face.

So we talked and talked like nobody's business. And laughed so loudly as though we own the shop. And of course, who will ever forget of the picture taking session?

June and I


Maple Dearie

Pei Pei Dear

Pei, Jessie and I

Me, June and Pei again.

Someone was also busy checking out some guy and I think she had a great time doing so. Sendiri tau lar. =p

Our meeting adjourned around 11.30pm, after some dilly-dallying of us taking more pictures. Hopefully there's another session like this again. I'd say that hanging out with old friends are fun! I miss Thengy and Vienz out of a sudden. They'll only be back at the end of the year. Not forgetting Siah too.

Which means, 6 more months.
SIX more months.
Oh my god.

I shall just cross my fingers and hope that there will be time off for me to hang out during the year end.

GodMum has yet to call me to go over to her house to learn how to make Tiramisu. I guessed she'd forgotten. I'm craving for Tiramisu! PMS sucks. And Redang on Tuesday.

I'm gonna kill myself if it comes while I'm swimming in the sea.


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