Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Weekend

Just came back from KL. Went there for the weekend and bunked in my bro's place. Supposed to have stayed on till tomorrow to celebrate my joker classmate's birthday, but I realized my wallet is getting drier and I don't wanna be as poor like I was a few weeks back. Being poor is pathetic alright. Having to eat instant noodles sucks.

Went to KL last Friday and the whole day was practically unproductive. Spent Saturday morning eating bak kut teh in Klang. Then went to Setia Alam to look at show houses. And then flew back to Subang to look at another house. Then flew all the way to Kepong to eat pan mee. Then all the way back to Petaling Jaya to my aunt's house. After that back to bro's condo again. Omg, it was tiring!!
PHEW. Today? Nothing much. Left for Ipoh at 4pm and blah. You know how it continues.

Houses in Setia Alam. So bored looking at them.

My cousin and I trying to kill some boredom.

Got tagged. Again. This time by Tan Thian Hoe. *Screams*

1. Name: Mabel Loi Huey Yin.
2. Nickname: Belz, Bell, Ah Bel and a whole list created by Vienz and Thengyz.
3. Married: Single. And available. Buahaha.
4. Male or Female: Female.
5. High School: SM Convent Ipoh.
6. College: TARC.
7. Short hair or long hair: Long, and lovin' it.
8. Are you a health freak?: Not really. Unless I'm on a diet.
9. Height: 165 cm? No idea. It's been so long since I'd measured my height.
10. Do you have a crush on someone?: Currently, no.
11. Do you like yourself?: Yeah. If I don't, then who will?
12. Piercings: Had 7 ear piercings altogether, but 2 closed. Had a nose piercing too. But it closed as well.
13. Righty or lefty?: Righty.

14. First surgery: None.
15. First piercing(s): I forgot when.
16. First person you see in the morning: Myself?
17. First award: When I was in primary. And I cried when it broke.
18. First sport you joined: Netball I think.
19. First pet: No pets. Mum doesn't allow poo and pee of animals in the house.
20. First vacation: Overseas - Hong Kong & Shenzhen. And some asshole stole my W800i. @$%&*%#
22. First crush:
It was during Std 3. *LOL* He's gonna laugh his ass off if I fill this up.
23. Eating: Anything edible and yummy.
24. Drinking: None in particular.
25. I'm about to: Scream because this thing is SO LONG.
26. Want kids: Yeap. I love kids. =)
27. Want to get married: Duh.
28. Careers in mind: No idea yet, but I guess not an accountant. I wanna be a boss!

29. Lips or eyes: Eyes.
30. Hugs or kisses: Kisses! Hahaha.
31. Shorter or taller: Taller.
32. Romantic or spontaneous: Both pleases me.
33. Sensitive or loud: Both too. =D
34. Trouble maker or hesitant: Neither.

35. Kissed a stranger: Nope. Don't wanna try either.
36. Drank bubbles: Bubble tea!
37. Lost glasses/contacts: Nearly lost one side of my contacts, and then I found it stuck behind the bathroom door.
38. Ran away from home: No.
39. Liked someone younger: Yup.
40. Liked someone older: Yup again.
41. Broken someone's heart: Yup again.
42. Been arrested: Nope.
43. Cried when someone died: Nope again.
44. Liked a friend: Yes.

45. Yourself: Of course!
46. Miracles: Sometimes.
47. Heaven: I wanna go to heaven when I die. Hope God keeps me there.
48. Santa Clause: Those in churches, yeah. But in North Pole.. I don't think so. Let's hope he'll leave me with something this coming X'mas.
49. Angels: Yeah.

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now: My nanny in Penang! I miss her.
51. Do you believe in God: Yes.

Thian Hoe, where's question 21?

(Great. Now who I'm supposed to tag?)
1. Jovial.
2. Yin Yin.

I ran out of ideas of who to tag. 2 persons will do. I don't want people to start cursing or swearing at me.

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