Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Ol' Days, Good Ol' Memories

I was looking through the pictures in the folders of my lappie. And I came across the folder named Friends. It really brought smiles to me thinking of school days.

Don't ask me why.

Well, life in high school was the best life I'd ever had. Seriously. I found my bestest friends there, I knew even more friends through the interest of girl guiding, I encountered experiences of pushing others instead of queueing up to grab the last plate of nasi lemak in the canteen and I had even smelt the worst toilet stench ever. I will never forget the sight of the toilet. I mean it.

When I newly stepped into Convent, there was this sense of eerie-ness as the school was SO big and I even got lost when trying to find for the Lower Hall. Looking back, Convent is just a small ant compared to my college now. (I hate walking in college) Not forgetting stories people tell about Convent being under the hands of Japanese soldiers during the World War II. I don't know of the truth in those stories but they could really send a shiver down my spine.

I'll never forget the days in form 2 - after finishing our year-end exams all of us had the freedom to do whatever we liked. And people would bring Uno cards to play secretly in the class, pushing the cards under our skirts each time a teacher passed by. Poor Evon, she was the victim of draw two or draw four cards in the game and had to draw like a stack of cards.

The year after that was when Thengz, Vienz, Siah and I bonded. I couldn't really remember how we ended up sitting together but life was fun with them. We skipped class together, did things together etc. It was also the year I received my first 5 points of demerits, by Vivien. *LOL* I think it was because I didn't wear my petticoat. Or was it because I didn't cut my nails? The demerit points system was actually stupid, alright. I never got it right on how it works.

Time does fly. All 4 of us were placed in 4 Daisy. Our friendship had many ups and downs - the biggest crack had me heartbroken. However, we managed to get through it and of course, things were better than before. Darling Thengz and I always had the most arguments and sometimes it was teramat sangat lame. Yes, Wan Theng, your jokes and things that you do are sometimes the craziest things you can ever think of.

I guess form 5 was the most dreadful year anyone could have in their life. Having to sit for the ever-stressful-SPM was indeed terrible. I can't believe I'm actually sitting here complaining about something I had to go through 3 years ago. But nevertheless, 2005 was definitely the best for me. It was the year I was supposed to leave high school and I was supposed to be happy having to leave behind that turquoise uniform (or so I thought).

I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I miss skipping classes. I miss practising dancing with the others. I miss girl guiding and of course, gatherings! I miss camping in school (minus the ghost stories like the one of the girl on the Nescafe vending machine in the canteen who will smile at night). I miss going for tuitions. I miss everything that I did in form 5. I miss my friends!

These are the moments I will not forget for the rest of my life.

Stupid things that we do in camp

Our pride and joy - Fortress of Crystal 2005

The night out on Graduation Day 2005

The crashers of AMC Gathering 2005


Wai Yeing and I - with Mr. Lau behind

The day we bid farewell to Mrs. Kong

With all the things I went through while I was in high school, I'm happy that it happened and that it shaped me to who I am today. Though 3 years had past since I'd left school, I still dare to say that I'm proud to be a Convent girl. =)


Siew said...

i definitely agree with you...nothing can beat high school on convent...i miss it so much myself...

belz said...

yeahh, those will be etched forever in our minds. =)

evon said...

hey i've been following ur blog...those really wonderful days we ur redang trip kayz...will check ur blog often so as to find out wats up wif u...ur not alone in missing those damn rocking care..=)

belz said...

hey girl, thanks for visiting my blog yea. will try not to make it so boring. lol. yeahhh, i will enjoy myself in redang. cant wait for it already. hehe.