Saturday, July 19, 2008

Of Batman, Joker and Edison Chen

I'M BACK IN IPOH! Yes, I'm happy, considering I've got 4 assignments, 2 more to come and 1 presentation - all waiting for me! Man, life is tough. I'd gotten so stressed up in the last few days because I don't know how should I manage all my stuffs. Plus, finals are like 5 weeks away? Oh shit.

Dad finally change our 80-hour limited Streamyx to the unlimited usage one. Whee. Although I'm not back often but I can really put the unlimited usage to good use when I am on semester breaks. =D

I don't know why but I'm feeling so hyper now. Perhaps it was because of the Batman movie that I had just seen. BATMAN ROCKS! JOKER ROCKS TOO! But damn, it was so hard watching Batman's tank and the Lamborghini crash just like an empty can of soft drink ready for recycling. Grr.. Oh, another thing. I missed the scene where Edison Chen appeared for like 3 seconds? Ahem, that was because someone was telling me about how Ronald McDonald can be the main actor for some scary movie where he kills kids. Yes, thank you, Dennis.

Now back to reality. Convocation was last Sunday. Nothing great, nothing spectacular. Just another day where the sun was scorching hot. I was almost like a mad person sweating, running back and forth to get my registration done. Anyway, like I'd expected, the mortar board hat thingy really made me look.. I dunno. Stupid? Round like a ball, maybe. I have only got a few pictures with me now as I've yet to upload the rest to my laptop. And I'm not going to post the photo of myself receiving my scroll from the Health Minister (Dr. Liow Tiong Lai?) until the photo is edited because it's REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE!

My Papa, Mama and two Kor Kor's.
Just ignore the guy behind scratching his back.

Pui Yin and I.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Will try to post the pictures when I upload them. Still need to head to Kopitiam tomorrow morning to meet up with Evon plus do some research on my presentation. Sighs.

Oh, well. Procrastinator me.


Disnyie said...

you mentioned it was hard to watch it with the lambo crashin and etc but u forgot to say bout da scene where you closed ur eyes and ahhh when the joker slit the guys mouth lol. oh ya da big fuss bout edison chen on batman is overhyped la cmmon its not even a cameo id say considerin da fact he was on camera oni when da camera swinged to another *targeted* character. notice the word targeted coz edison was oni a camera pass-by ni not to mention his image was blurred sumore lol :p! for what a merely 2 seconds the most!?

belz said...

deiiii u dunnit to say that i went ahh okay. i meant to leave it out and now u juz said it out. sheeshh~ well, i dunno, i juz wanted to c him acting as a keh leh feh? lol.

yuet said...

Congrats bel darlz! On ur convo!

belz said...

thanks siah dearie!