Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nyah Nyah Boo Boo

Convocation is like two days away. No, one day since it's past 12am now. I don't seem to be excited though. Firstly, my other classmates are in the morning session. Which means it'll be hard to take pictures together unless I go to college earlier. Secondly, I have to put on that gown, which makes me look like some weirdo because the gown is a little too big for me. Also, it will be super hot on that day, I assume, because of that long sleeve formal shirt - I searched high and low for it, across Ipoh and KL - that I have to wear on that day.

Well, I'll see how it goes. Hopefully will be able to take nice pictures and not looking foolish in that hat thingy, whatever it is called.

Last Thursday night, went to watch So You Think You Can Dance? Season 2 live at Ruums, KL again. It was my second time there and probably my last time there as well. Sad to say that my friend, Jda had been voted off the show. The stakes are higher and the competition is getting tougher but at least she managed to get a name in the top 10 finalists. I would say a whole load of great effort.

This post is boring man. I'm just updating this for the sake of updating it and because I'm so bored.


Wait, I'm supposed to be looking bored.

Yeah, that's more like it.
Maybe I should go hit the bed and stop being so lame posting pictures of myself here.

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