Friday, August 8, 2008

More Birthdays

Tomorrow's (Friday) class is cancelled. I'm back to my world of unlimited broadband! Ipoh that is.

Nope, not my birthday. Yet. Tapi berangan nak ambik gambar dengan kek.

First it was the karaoke session birthday. Then it was the cafe session birthday. Celebrate till wallet also empty already.

Boon Hoong the birthday boy

Albee and I

From 10pm on Saturday night in Red Box, Low Yat Plaza, we sang till 4am the next morning. Sing till can't sing no more. Then, went for dim sum at Jalan Ipoh. At 4am! We sat there, drinking chinese tea till 7.30am. So healthy. That's because some of my ex-classmates had to wait till their parents buka pintu rumah. Really tiring. Ended up going to bed at 8am and waking up and 2.30pm that afternoon. Another unproductive Sunday.

Yesterday, was another round. This time was a threesome birthday celebration.

I guessed Yvonne couldn't wait to make her birthday wish any longer

Bee Sim - 5th August

Seo - 6th August

Yvonne - 8th August



And then it started.

Guessed he was too touched about us celebrating for him


I just gotta kill 'em for making me fat

Note: If you'd realised, there's a piece of me in most of the pictures. I never said that I'm not vain. =D

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