Friday, August 8, 2008

So You Think You've Got Money

I missed the Grand Finals of So You Think You Can Dance? Season Two last week. But anyhow, I'd already know who the winner is since her photo and interview was plastered over the newspapers today.

And I can't believed she won it.

My God. But, CC? The RM50000 and scholarship from 8tv just bakar-ed like that.

Sim was so much better!

Though she does not have the pretty look or the super duper nice body, she dances hell good! The one and only contestant NOT in the bottom four or bottom six in the whole running of the show. Throw any genre to her and she can do it like a professional.

They have Black and Hong, respectively, as well.

Hong looks weird in this picture, but I think he looks darn cute in real life. ^^

It's just so unfair. I mean the voting system. CC comes from a rich family so they can vote and vote like there's no tomorrow. Using money to bring her fame. Even she herself said that the RM50000 was nothing to her. Can't they just change the voting system to 'one number, one vote'? Or even better, the results will be based solely on the judges?

And I think she's got many fans because she's hot (?) and always want to gain attraction by being a cry baby. I can't stand her each time she does it on tv. Sorry to all CC-lovers out there. All she knows about dancing is just Latin, Latin and.. what else but, Latin. Sien! To top it all, throughout the whole competition, CC gets her so-called makanan dance genre most of the times!

In conclusion, I tak puas with the results. *GRRRRRR!* CC can flaunt her curves all she wants, but she's definitely not my favourite dancer!


Now, enough of fretting already, time to get back to my assignments. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

i could not agree more..!!
It's so damn unfair as she can't dance as good as the rest..