Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glamor Dinner

Thank God assignment is done. I can happily leave for Hat Yai on Thursday and get my body massage I'd been craving for so long.

Today I had the most glamorous dinner ever. Fancy eating geoducks, long clams, lobsters and snow crabs all in one night? It's crazy I tell you! Dinner was at Unique Seafood Restaurant in Sunway City, Ipoh, just behind Rum Jungle.

First, let me tell you what is a geoduck. No, it is not a duck, thank you very much. It's a type of seafood. If you think you're a smart alec like me, pronouncing it as geoduck as in 'geography', you're totally wrong. Because the tricky part is that, it is pronounced as gooey duck. Coincidentally, the looks of this gooey duck is really gooey. We shall take a look at it.

Doesn't it remind you of something? If they were to serve that thing to me like that, my tummy would definitely turn upside down. It doesn't look too appetizing, huh? Lucky thing is, during dinner, it was sliced into thin slices and we have to dip it into the soup in order to cook it. Something like steamboat. It tasted quite weird to me and to be honest, I didn't enjoy eating it very much. Nevertheless, I think this thing costs hell a lot! According to Wikipedia, geoducks can cost up till USD65 per kg! It's a mad, mad world.

Next on the menu was, long clams.

I didn't take any photos during dinner because my digicam wasn't with me, and come to think about it, would you actually snap photos of food when there are so many people waiting to eat? So rude, ain't it? Anyway, we weren't served anything like in the picture because the meat was all dug up for us and it was fried with tung fun, I think it's called 'glass noodles' in English, and then the noodles together with the bits and pieces of clam were served on the clamshell. Talk about food presentation. And honestly again, I liked the noodles way more than the clam itself.

After that, was *jeng jeng jeng* Alaskan Snow Crabs!

It's damn big can! Only thing the one I ate was white in color. The crabs were cooked in this broth, I don't know what it was but they were not too bad. Eating snow crabs gives you so much satisfaction because at least they have more meat compared to normal crabs. Imagine you bite bite bite into the shell of crabs to only find out you've eaten more shells than crab meat. With snow crabs, you can bite and eat all you want until the next morning I tell you. But truthfully, this snow crab sucks all the cash out from you because it freaking cost around RM200++ per kg. No, you didn't read it wrongly.

What's next?

Lobsters that is!

First time in my life I've touched lobsters. Nothing spectacular; they taste just like.. prawns. Maybe because they were cut into smaller pieces and cooked in claypot style. Anyhow, it tasted good.

We had another dish of vegetables and fried bihun. And then waited for dessert.


And waited.

And waited.

Finally the waiter came in. With him, he brought a plate of.. flower crabs. I was thinking, "What?? Crabs again? I thought dinner was over!" So I didn't touch the crabs. Tummy already filled to the brim can! Eat more sure all the ducks and chickens come out.

Wa-la! That was dinner. Thank you very much to the uncle who spent us to dinner tonight. I had the chance to go through the lifestyle of the rich and famous but I still like my usual lifestyle Dad and Mum gave me. Even if I were rich and were to live eating things like that everyday, even money can't save me because I'll definitely die of high cholesterol.


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