Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food You Will Die For

I'm back from Thailand! Damn, it was so tiring. I slept throughout the whole journey back to Ipoh and still ended up with a headache and wanting to puke all the food I had for the day. In which, I did.

What's there to do in Thailand besides shopping? Which brings me to my main point today. Today's post will be on.. food again!

Dinner for the first night was marvelous! We were brought to a very "san ka la" place in the outskirts of Hat Yai which took a journey of around an hour. I was half asleep while on the way there and ended up in this place facing this signboard.

God knows what's written on it. All I know about this thing is that the telephone number is 081-2774666. Actually, I belittled this place because it was located out of nowhere and the place was so dark you wouldn't even know if you've stepped on sh*t. I was still fresh out from dreamland when the order was made. They had very fresh crabs, fishes and prawns - which stinked to the max - in which we called all of them.

Right, so after that we were ushered to our table and chairs (or maybe benches), which was made out of bamboo sticks. But before that, we had to walk on stilts! Stilts that were around two meters off the ground, which was the beach or sea, I don't know because it was dark. The width of those bloody stilts were around three feet and the worse thing is those things made creaky noises when we walked on it. So unstable they were that I thought I was gonna drop unto the ground beneath it and just die. I know it's just two meters but scary lor! That's not the end of the story. Those huts we sat in with our tables and benches were shaking as well. Each time someone walks on it, you can hear the forks, spoons, plates and glasses shaking. And the whole hut was wobbling from left to right. It's really a bad place to have dinner when you have no sense of security, at all.

After waiting and waiting, with the fishy smell from the Andaman Sea being sucked into my nose, the food finally came.

But it was something that I would never put into my mouth.

Those damn steamed cockles. I don't understand how my parents can enjoy them when the meat of those things were coated with blood. So ewww-y lor. They were served with some ulam in which I'd never liked as well.

Next in line was the best food you can ever have on earth.

Tom yum!

With a prawn of the size from your wrist to your elbow. I swear this was the best tom yum I'd ever tried! It's so good till.. you will lick the bowl dry. Okay lar, a bit exaggerating. Let me rephrase. It's so good till you will lick the last drip off the bowl. Even Mum's tom yum cannot beat this. It had so much of oomph until you have imaginary smoke coming out of your ears. So sweet, yet spicy and sour. So much kick when the soup passes your throat! Ahhh.. Heaven. The soup was served with seafood fried rice, which was good too.

After that was, prawns! Smaller ones.

Oh, did I mention that you have to eat it raw, sashimi-style? No, I didn't try as I didn't wanna risk the second day of the trip going to the toilet instead of shopping.

I forgot the order of the food that came. But we had two dishes of crabs. One was steamed and the other was cooked in dried curry style.

These huge barbecued prawns were yummy-licious!

No more photos because everyone grabbed the food before I managed to snap a picture. We had mango kerabu served with fried fish, fried fishes served with crispy fried garlic, fried squid, barbecued squid, seafood tom yum and also mixed vegetables. Seriously, I can't remember if I'd left anything out because there were so many things on the table.

Rating: 11/10. So damn yummy can!

There were nothing much in Hat Yai that I could buy except for.. urm, undergarments which were cheap over there if compared to prices in Malaysia. Thailand has super sexy ones, mind you. No clothes attracted me, you could say I came back empty-handed.

But like I'd been craving for so long, I got my ancient Thai massage. The lady masseur unlocked so many stiff bones in my body that I walked out of the shop feeling so light and flexible. Then when Mum went for her foot reflexology, this cute guy came to do it for her. Since I was idle for one hour waiting, what's there for me to do?

LOL. He was so engrossed watching The Omen dubbed in Siamese.

During one of the trips to the shopping centres there, I came across this poster. The model was so familiar.

After thinking hard, I knew who she was. If you'd watched The Amazing Race Asia 2, you would recognize her as Paula from the Thailand team. So sweet looking.

Also, I'd found out some unusual facts about fast food outlets in Thailand.

If you squint your eyes hard enough, you can see a "delivery" word there. They do KFC deliveries in Thailand!

As for McD, I heard this from a very well-known lawyer in Ipoh that was also in Hat Yai that time, they serve Pork Prosperity Burger. If the outlet sold that in Malaysia, I bet they are gonna be sued till their pants drop off.

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