Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Videos - Good Videos

Yes, yes.. I know. The videos I recorded are super-duper "high" in quality.

After comparing with many videos in Youtube, I'd realised I'm sore loser in every aspect. First, mine had too much shaking, but that I couldn't help it. Second, the images from my camera sucked so much because it was so small, it made tiny Avril even tinier. Third, the sound was horrible as well - it sounded so muffed up like Avril was trying to sing through a cloth tied on her mouth.

And that camera costs RM1200! I'm gonna kill that sales guy.

On the other hand, maybe a camera was meant for taking photographs and not video-recording. I shall buy a handy-cam next time! That's if I have the cash. Bleh.

Since I'm so good-hearted, and I don't want anybody else to start complaining that they'd puked their whatever meal out or even suffer from excessive screaming of mine ringing in their head, I will post videos of others. Big, clear and loud. Okay?

This is Avril and her pink Grand Piano singing When You're Gone.

It was definitely The Best Damn Thing!

Damn, how I'd wished Evan Taubenfield was there as well! Like in her The Best Damn Thing video. He's so hot! =D

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