Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ah Fung

Raymond is coming to Malaysia!

I wanna gooooooooooooo x 926910567308321545503504 times.

The Pavilion session clashes with my Friday night lecture. And I can't come back in time for the Kampar session too, thanks to my Saturday classes. WTF!

And why on earth someone would actually arrange for Raymond to go TARC in KAMPAR?? Hello, we got TARC in KL too! With more students!

Shit, I hate this so much. Sigh.

I wanna gooooooooooooo..


yinyin said...

why is he going to tarc instead of shoppin malls??

and no lorrrr...
i c here.c there.c right.c left.still c like okok only la.wher got yeng until dat geng larrr??wakakkakaka.

belz said...

i have no idea. prolly some1 in tarc kampar bribed raymond's spokeperson. hahaha.

in MR maybe look normal. shud watch those series in which he can make u lum so much. lol.

yinyin said...

i watched moonlight resonance ma.he looks ok only ar.XP