Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minor Updates

Life goes on..

Classes are the usual boring. I vowed to become hardworking this semester onwards but somehow, there will be something stopping me; this time - the lecturers. I have really horrible lecturers who puts me to sleep each time I go for their classes. It's really none of my fault, ain't it? Not that I'm the one who wants to sleep. Sigh. Anyway, I should try to be hardworking and be a nerd.

Still yet to make the application for my internship in February/March next year. This thing is really getting on my nerves.

I've been trying to revamp my blog. Finding a suitable skin which I like is really quite time-consuming. Plus, I have to customize everything all over again. Not that I didn't manage to find one, but either it's that there's something in the design that I don't like or unfortunately, there's some problem with the HTML in which the layout overlaps one another. Anybody willing to help me solve the problem?

I'm still upset over It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Said. I wished Friday would come sooner, at least seeing Raymond can brighten up my day a lil'. =)

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