Friday, February 6, 2009

It Rained So Heavily

We've got the power to make the rain pour. Muahaha.

Was out with with two pairs of sisters - Wan Theng and Wan Cheng & Mei Yann and Mei Sim. Too bad I didn't have a sister as well.

Secret Recipe for lunch and later on karaoke in KBox. No elaborations needed.

It looked nice but I had trouble finishing it up


They said look like those people recording in studios

Finally got to meet her after gazillion years

I just realised there's no group picture. Damn.

Nevermind. I post this one. Better than groupie. =DD


fuzpeiz said...

how come u got the power to make the rain pour??
self claimed wna isit??heehehehhe

belz said...

cuz we went for karaoke. haha. what self-proclaimed. really rain cats and dogs. lol.