Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thengy Thengy

30th January 2009


Today was girls day out again. Well, after the movie that is. After JJ was Parade. I didn't know what got into me but I was damn tired and Thengy kept dragging Chengy and I from one shop to another. My eyes were hurting and then my legs were hurting too but I had no choice; still had to be dragged by her.

Anyhow, since she had laser-sharp eyes she spotted these Korean tees.

Call me Mrs. Junsu

Headed for a drink.

Retarded sandwich

My bestie is very well-knowned for her *coughs* "cautiousness" @ clumsiness. It's either she will drop things or bump into someone or she'll walk and suddenly just trip.

So what happened was she spilled her cup of Iced Milk Tea. Lucky thing the cup was empty and only filled with ice.

However, it didn't make things better because she made the table and floor wet.


*Shakes head*

I still love her though!

Thengy's photography skills sucks

Later headed over to her house.

And camwhored! =DD

It was nearing 8pm, the sun also set already; I dunno what's with the shades

She made me do it too

She was probably doing a Samara

Dinner at Mun Cheong Restaurant.

I finally had yee sang for Chinese New Year.

End of story.



peipei said... say ppl clumy..
den you not clumsy mer??
neways..nice ar that yee sang?

belz said...

i not as clumsy lor.. haha. u more clumsy la. ish.
tat yee sang not very nice la. damn sweet. yucks.