Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Not mine, obviously. It was Yvonne's.

The wedding cake was very pretty!

They had small little cupcakes too.

Me, looking very oily after the dinner

More pictures soon.


Andrew said...

Iszit it sweet to see u n him getting married...haha dont forget to call me along...i will be his best man...haha

belz said...

swt la. ppl kahwin la, not me. hahaha.

fuzpeiz said...

wat u did to your face huh??
like change so much d wan???
prettier like soo soo much!!! wonder ppl say..those pak toh look more youthfl wan...muahaha
power of loveee

ple said...

which yvonne? lol. seems to b evons everywhr..

belz said...

i did ntg to my face la. where got money to plastic surgery haha. wrong la, it's the power of make up. lol.

not my hostel junior yvonne. it's my neighbour yvonne. hahaha.