Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work, Work And More Work

Back from my busy work schedule since Monday. Was supposed to come back Ipoh yesterday but due to the pile of work that I had, the stay was extended till yesterday afternoon. Lucky thing I was able to finish everything, else I dunno what will happen to me.

Work was.. too much. While in the office I would always say that I had nothing to do, but in Taiping I had too many things to do. Had to segregarate stuffs properly as I was handling jobs from two seniors. It's really really tiring and of course stressful because once I'm done with what I'm supposed to do, there are requirements from them both to check for another document again. In short words, I sometimes have to do double or maybe even triple work.


Too much to say it all in here.

Since I was auditing for a company producing matches, I now have 40 boxes of matches with me. What on earth do I do with 40 boxes of matches? Boxes, mind you. Not sticks.

All in all, I dread going back to work tomorrow.

God help.

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