Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad

I swore I nearly had an heart attack yesterday. It's as though my heart wanted to jump out of the ribcage to beat slowly and later on stop beating on the office table.

The agony of checking my results online. It sucks I tell you. Even after doing it for over two years - seven times! - it still send shivers down my spine.

The good thing was, I got through everything. Phew. The bad is, argh, I don't even wanna talk about it.

But I'm thankful to God. I am.

Nevertheless, I can't bear the hassle of going through the calculation of my GPA. Sigh.

Now what's left are the last five ACCA's deadliest papers.

Oh God, help me.


I realised that pictures appearing on my posts are getting lesser and lesser. Thanks to.. work!

But some pictures for you guys to feast ur eyes upon. Heh.

Melvin's 21st Birthday @ Bar Celona

Oh, I miss clubbing.

I shall go and listen to Right Round right now. Reminds me of bi singing you turn my head five rounds, five rounds.



fuzpeiz said...

eh eh eh...bernie looks soo yau ying in the 2nd pic weii..

belz said...

sure la. his whole body geh wardrobe all brand new! hahahaha.