Friday, March 13, 2009

Life's A Brief Candle

Life is short.

In two days, I heard about three deaths.

First, yesterday. An accident near the audit client's factory in Chemor, involving a motorcycle and a.. lorry. Sigh. I didn't witness the whole accident; thank God. When I came out for lunch, there were many onlookers surrounding the area. Through a gap, I saw the motor under the lorry. That's when my heart went shit, this better not be real. It was quite far away so I couldn't really make out what was happening. There were quite a number of policemen as well.

So what happened next was, everyone was talking about the accident. Overheard some people saying: Perempuan cina kena langgar. I got my food and headed to 7-11. Out of curiosity, I asked the cashier.

"Apa pasal sana?"

"Oh, perempuan cina kena langgar lori."

I was stunned for a moment until the cashier continued talking.

"Dah mati." She was trying to look very convincing.

As though the reaction that I gave wasn't enough for the cashier to know that I knew the woman had died. She still need to sink the fact in me. Celaka. Then she continued talking I tell you.

"Digelek lori tu. You tengok kan, badan dia dah lepas tiga tayar depan tu. Sekarang dah kat tayar belakang."

I showed her my disgusted look.

"Ahh, yalar. Ada pak cik cakap dekat I lidah perempuan tu dah putus. Lepas tu hidung dah pecah. Kepala pun dah hancur."

I gave her an even more disgusting look.

"I ingat kan, kalau dah lepas tayar belakang, badannya tentu putus."

What the heck, I tell you. This cashier was saying all these with a smile on her face. Serious shit okay!

"You pergi tengok la."

In my heart I was thinking: Wtf, asking me to go and see such things.

"Buat apa nak tengok. I nak makan nanti you suruh I pergi tengok."

"Takpe punye. Tengok saje."

Really wtf! Got so nice to see meh??? I was feeling so grossed out, yet she can say things like that.

When I went back to the client's office, it took me such a hard time to finish up my food. I kept thinking about the chinese lady having have to go through such a painful death. I kept thinking until my tummy was gonna turn upside down. I kept thinking until it was dinner time. I kept thinking about it until this morning. Until now. I really hope it was a quick one for the lady, and of course for her to rest in peace.

That was story number one.

Here comes story number two.

I got a call from a friend A yesterday night, asking me how to comfort friend B. When asked why, A said B's friend passed away and B was crying. When asked, B didn't want to reveal anything. Sigh. Rest in peace too, B's friend.

Third, and hopefully the last that I hear, today met up with Maple for lunch. Then she said one of her friend's passed away. Also in an accident. I think it was reported in today's newspaper. The car was crashed till it didn't look like a Honda City.

Life is that fragile. When it is time, it's time.

Like what Mum said, to you the person may be nobody, but to others, the person may be a father, mother, brother or sister.

I'm having that 'appreciate-life-you-don't-know-when-it-will-end' feelings right now.

P/S: It just struck me, could there be any possibilities that the second and third involved the same accident? Hmm. Even if it is, I guess I wouldn't know any time soon.


Update: It was the same accident. Omg. Is this what we call a small world?


P&A said...'s a brief candle...haha

belz said...

haha why la.

n_Drew said...

No arr...juz dat for the month of march...alot of ppl past away...haiz..

belz said...

yea wor. that's life.

n_Drew said...

Betul tu betul tu..haha but our trip we pray as hard as we can...

belz said...

who dare speed see i whack mou. hahaha.

n_Drew said...

haha...woun't 140km/j onli wat haha...veri slow le...hehe

belz said...

define speeding. haha.