Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money Come, Money Go

Imma proud woman!

Okay lar. Maybe not so proud. I ought to get the money. Hahahahaha. Plus, it's only RM450. Though can buy a lot of stuffs but the last time I'd worked for 10 days and I managed to get more than that. Oh well, I guess that's the life of a trainee.

The money will probably get me a phone since my W850i died on me. Twice. And RM150 + RM80 to fix it. Damn the first guy because I think he conned me, that idiot. Hope his business fail so badly that.. he wouldn't operate any phone shits anymore. The consequences of causing my anger to burst. At least I didn't cursed him to death (like what I did to the Shenzhen guy who stole my W800i - I MISS YOU [the phone of course, not the bast*rd] - I wonder if he's dead already). Heh.

This post is getting out of hand. It was only supposed to feature my pay cheque and now I've gone all the way to China.

Let's see if I can get the phone I want. =)

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